Help Regulate Personal Support Workers

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Hi there! I am looking for all Personal Support Workers (PSW), as well as all their friends and family to support PSW's to become regulated through an association or through the Government.

You may be wondering why? 

Without regulation we all have different standards and levels of learning. With no governing board to make sure standards are kept up to date, their is no standard level of care. There is no record of anyone's training or hours of clinical service they may or may not of had. Because of this, there are too many levels of "standards", and people may not be getting the care they are needing or expecting.

Another reason PSW's want to become regulated is to prevent us from being sued directly. If for any reason someone has a legal issue, there is no governing body that will protect PSW's from a direct lawsuit against them. An example of that would be a company expecting you to do a task outside your scope of training, and thus cause hurt to themselves or the person they are caring for. 

Thank you for your support!