Resuface Crofton Rd.

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Crofton Rd BC, from Hwy1 to the ferry terminal in Crofton has been neglected for years. In the past 2 years it has been patched and potholes filled ,lines repainted, which are a joke in places because even the line painters can't keep the machine straight,  but no decision has been made to properly resurface it which is what is needed. Resident traffic, heavy vehicles, campers, and cyclists all share the same deteriorating road surface. Several vehicles this summer have been damaged by potholes. Drivers swerve back and forth across the road to avoid potholes and oncoming traffic. It is a hazard to all that use it and it is only a matter of time until someone has a serious accident or a fatality occurs.

The previous government minister , Todd Stone , referred us to the Vancouver Island department of highways, yet still nothing is done, quoting it's not in the budget this year, for several years.