Pace University PASS/FAIL Fall 2020

Despite the difference in circumstances this semester, it's still being treated as if we are attending normal classes. And if anything I feel like classes is more difficult, with a lot more work. Professors aren't taking into consideration that just because we are at home doesn't mean we have extra and or free time. Working constantly is draining especially with what the world looks like right now. Being inside your apartment or dorm and having to constantly sit in front of the computer all day is not fun. I know from talking to so many different people at Pace that they are not only burnt out but are trying to just keep up. The relationships between faculty and students don't feel the same and feel more strained than ever. I don't feel a genuine connection with some of my professors, and I feel like they are even harder on us. It's frustrating to have to be at Pace this semester, and I wouldn't recommend anyone to come here as of right now.

Monique Ball, Jersey City, NJ, United States
4 months ago
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