Reopening of the Allen Park Dollar Show

Reopening of the Allen Park Dollar Show

June 30, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Lilly Welch

The theatre, opened in 1940, has been apart of many of our childhoods. My parents went on one of their first dates there. We just moved here to Allen Park last year (2019) and the Allen Park theatre was one of the places we, my brother and I, loved to walk to on our free time or hanging out with friends. 

Memories were made within this theatre and I think it’s time we continue to do so. It’s an amazing place with great history, it helped build the city of Allen Park as it was founded in 1957.

It brought the community together during a time of economic development. It brought about stronger bonds and a closer community—A connected city of people.

My brother, Specialist Clay D. Welch of the U.S. Army, passed away as of March 2020. This theatre was one of the first places all of us (me and my siblings) went to so we could see a movie. Whether he liked to express his love or liking for places, I know he wouldn’t want to see it out of use for forever. 

You could ask any person in the city of Allen Park who knows quite a bit about the city, and they’d tell you the theatre was one of the best points of Allen Park. 

If we just took the time to update the building, change the movie set list to the newest movies coming out, and change the menu, we’d have an extremely profitable entertainment space that the people would love.

There’s no need to make the building bigger.

Extravagant reclining seats, bigger extended screens, and a new surround-sound system would blow the socks of every customer off. An updated snack counter and lobby/lounge would add an exciting twist. 

Please, this would benefit the people of the community and the city itself.


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Signatures: 76Next Goal: 100
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