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To appeal to the council to keep the Lollipop Man (Mr Bate) at Perdiswell Primary School

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The Council have removed Lollipop Men and Women from the frontline where they have been protecting our Children crossing the roads to school for generations.

This petition is to show how much the pedestrians that use the crossing outside Perdiswell Primary School are unhappy with the loss of the Lollipop Man, That they are extremely concerned about safety issues which will arise without him at this site and that they wish him to be reinstated as soon as possible. 

Although all Lollipop crossing people are worth their safety weight in gold this petition is to try and save the job for Mr Bate who is the a Lollipop man on the Bilford Road for Perdiswell Primary School (for over 6 years) because it is a very unsafe crossing without him or a Lollipop person being there. 

The road is very very busy and congested badly at both school start and finishing times.  Although the crossing has a Pelecan crossing installed there are still many problems associated with the children crossing which justifies a Lollipop person (Mr Bate) is employed to ensure safety of pedestrians on this crossing. 

*One of the many problems is that cars are excelerating as they approach the lights when they turn amber before red.  As the cars are only doing a maximum of 20mph Ish due to the congestion they should easily be able to slow down to stop for the red light but they DO NOT!  This results in cars excelerating to constantly try to get passed the crossing before the red light shows so they do not have to wait (maybe impatient to get to work and don’t want to be held up etc).  The result of this is that they are always then driving over the crossing as the red light to stop appears.  This is of course when the green light is shown to the pedestrian to cross and the result is that there is a risk of altercation between motorist and pedestrian! (This is of course in addition to Motorists driving through the red lights at this site regularly as well)

The Lollipop person (in this case Mr Bate) was aware of this safety issue along with others and was able to make pedestrians (The school children) safe by preventing them from crossing until these cars had passed and the other cars both ways had come to a complete stop.  

This happened frequently and without the Lollipop person at this crossing there is significant risk to human life! 

So much so that we will need to start teaching our children not to cross when the green man is displayed but to also wait until cars on both sides of the road have come to a standstill and the crossing is clear before they step out into the road.  But it’s unlikely that the way we teach Road crossing will change as it has been tought the same way for many generations. (This needs updating and for the motorist to stop jumping the red lights which also happens frequently daily)

We desperately need the Lollipop man (Mr Bate) to be at this crossing at peak school times to prevent an accedent from happening.  I am convinced an accent will happen because the pedestrians respected Mr Bate and 99% of people tried to cross at the crossing and not at random places. They also respected his wishes not to scoot or cycle across the road in case a child fell in the road, hurt themselves and caused an obstruction or was at risk of being run over by the cars.  Many parents and children will now walk over the road in many places other than the crossing risking accidents. With no governance they will also walk on the road side of the pedestrian berriers and general mayhem at these peak times will be caused. This will set a bad example to children who learn from seeing and copying and even more poor crossings will be made.  The presence of a Lollipop man stops 99% of the stray crossing and teaches a respectful way to cross the road.  The Lollipop man is also a deterrent to cars who want to stop to drop pedestrians off on either the yellow or white road markings outside of the school as they can remind and educate people (where as pelican crossings cannot)

They aid and control the flow of the traffic and can also easily make sure emergency services can pass safely. Emergency services will now struggle to travel down Bilford Road without the intervention of the Lollipop person.  By pressing the crossing button it creates a clear way on opposite sides of the road from the crossing which enables the emergency services to travel down the wrong side of the road up to the crossing and then they can return to the left side of the road at the crossing which by then should be clear after the crossing. The Lollipop person can at this time prevent pedestrians from crossing making the road safe for both the emergency vechicles and pedestrians. (The Pelican crossing cannot do this either)

Many problems will become apparent with no Lollipop Person.  The quantity of traffic is more now than ever before. The Lollipop Men and Women have been needed for generations and they are needed now more than ever on these busy unsafe roads. 

Please help to save our Lollipop Man at the Perdiswell Crossing by signing this petition. 

Thank you.