Show Your Support for Senator Romney's Courageous Vote

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On February 5, 2020, Senator Mitt Romney voted to impeach President Donald Trump, making Senator Romney the first senator in American history from an impeached president's party to vote to convict. Before casting his vote, Senator Romney gave an impassioned speech on the floor of the Senate, acknowledging that his decision to vote to convict the president on the single charge of abuse of power was “the most difficult decision [he has] ever faced.” Further, Senator Romney recognized that his vote would result in the senator being “vehemently denounced,” and, of course, that is just what has come to pass.

However, it is important that Senator Romney knows that there are those of us, quite independent of partisan politics or religious affiliation, who support him for his bravery, for his integrity, and for putting country before party. No matter one’s political party membership, or even the conclusion one may have arrived at upon examining the evidence presented in the impeachment trial, surely Senator Romney’s act of conviction, his willingness to apply impartial justice and to follow his conscience, is worthy of respect and admiration.

In an era of such extreme political divisiveness, Senator Romney is deserving of our praise for rising above partisan politics to honor his oath as a senator and to uphold the Constitution. Even those who may disagree with Senator Romney’s conclusion should still commend him for his courageous decision to vote his conscience, even while he was acutely aware of the political repercussions.

Please join me in letting Senator Romney know that while he may well be vilified in certain corners for doing what he believes to be right and just, he has broad support from so many across the political and religious spectrum who admire him for his act of conviction. Please let Senator Romney know that he has your respect and support following his historic and honorable vote.