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Mitt Romney's interest with President Obama's birth certificate is only a distraction from his darkest secret: Mitt Romney is a Cylon. It's obvious that if a Cylon rose to power and infilltrated America's highest office, the future of humanity would hang in the balance. Here is some evidence to support my claim:

1) Senator John McCain — AKA: Col. Saul Tigh, a known Cylon — refuses to be seen with Mitt Romney, for a fear of being discovered. 

2) Until recently, Mitt Romney had never been to WaWa.. What professional politican who has spent the last decade campaigning hasn't been to WaWa? A goddamn Cylon.

3) Mitt Romney is confused about the concept of "birth cirtificate" because he was never actually born.


Letter to
Mitt Romney
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Mitt Romney.

I want Mitt Romney to prove he's not a Cylon.

Because a Cylon president would obviously destroy humanity.


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