Bring back the lancer

Bring back the lancer

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Johnno Bravo started this petition to Mitsubishi (Automotive Manufacturer)

Sports cars in general are dying out slowly with only the Subaru WRX , Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ , Ford Mustang and the Hyundai Veloster the only main 'sporty' cars under $50,000 that are still in production. 

The Lancer was and still is ( in the second hand market now ) a great selling car. With its different variants such as the base model ES then the ES Sport , Platinum , LX , GSR , VR-X , Ralliart , Evolution ETC. There is always a variant for different people. 

Not all of us want these Cross overs and SUVs. 

How many of us actually go offroad ? Or require such a vehicle ?

Fair enough the last lancer model shape was beginning to show its age after 10 years with minor facelift etc. 

We are due for a whole new lancer for those loyal to the Brand.

Having both manual transmission and Automatic as options and also better then the last CVT transmission. 

RWD or AWD would be awesome. 

To bring a new type of Evolution maybe the REVO or RE-VO short for revolution i dunno lol.  

I guarantee this new model if it ever came into production would sell quite well as i know there is demand. 

As my take on the WRX is that it's  too over rated and it could never hold its value where as the Evo did and was always the champ. The Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ to me aren't that appealing except for its RWD Drivetrain and Manual Transmission and power to weight. And the Veloster seems too girly only for hairdressers. 

The lancer is for anyone male or female young or old car enthusiast or not.

  • And for those who want the best value sports car for money with great styling. 

The car scene is dying. Let's bring it back with the lancer because it's more then just a name its a lifestyle, it's meeting new people and making new friends at car meets and also online groups. Also keeping the automotive aftermarket places in business. Not to mention Mitsubishi aswell. As not too long ago you would hear people say the only Mitsubishi i would own is the Lancer or the Evo. 

Life is too short. So why go from A to B in a boring cross over or SUV when you can do it in Excitment and Thrill. Something that brings you joy. Something that gives you a reason to leave your house and just go for a drive. With a rally bred ancestor. 

- John Bowtell [ NSW Australia ]

- photo is of my car 

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