Save Port Washington and Hempstead Harbor from Overdevelopment

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The character and quality of life in Port Washington is once again being threatened by overdevelopment. Stop the rezoning of 7.17+_ acres of waterfront at 145 West Shore Rd to Multiple Residence.   

Bay Aggregates is the site of the proposed project.  It is between the northern end of TONH Beach Park and Tilcon on Hempstead Harbor.  Southern Land Co. is targeting this parcel of land for a 7 story, 176 unit and 300 car, 95 ft. tall luxury apartment complex on Hempstead Harbor in Port Washington (PW).
This area includes a 29 slip public marina and is a DEC designated wave action zone, so moderate to severe storms will require all people and cars to evacuate.  

This change in zoning will set a precedent for two more parcels of land next to this parcel and could lead to two or more apartment buildings of similar size.

The infrastructure of the PW peninsula cannot continue to support more overdevelopment:

·       PW is overpopulated and highly congested with traffic on one and two lane roads.

·       A zoning change in 2020 on the western side of the peninsula allows building for up to 140 new apartments; there are also plans for 30+ 2- bedroom apartments on the northwestern side of the peninsula.  There are currently over 2,000 2-family houses and about 1,500 apartments in PW with over 50 units available today.

·       The school, water, sewer districts, police and fire departments of PW will be additionally stressed by these significant increases in population density and traffic congestion.

·       Additional building and increased population on the Hempstead Harbor side of PW will have a significant and negative impact on the water quality and long term environmental health of Hempstead Harbor and Manhasset Bay. Sewage treatment effluent already contributes 25% of the Total Nitrogen load, among other pollutants, to the Bay. Further effluent from the Harbor side will significantly increase the load to the Bay without improved and/or alternate technologies to reduce effluent and the inherent pollutants. 


Sign this petition to stop the rezoning at 145 West Shore Rd. in Port Washington!  Flood the TONH with comments and letters on the Draft Scope prepared by Southern Land:!

Under SEQRA, the Draft Scope is submitted by Southern Land. The Final Scope is the Lead Agency’s (TONH) response.  For a copy of the Draft Scope submitted to the TONH by Southern Land, press the Ctrl key and CTRL Click here.

Don’t wait until the public scoping meeting on March 23. Everyone is allowed to comment or ask questions about the draft scope via e-mail to We can also offer suggestions about what should be studied in the EIS and may not have been included and addressed in the Southern Land draft scope.

Please attend the public scoping meeting, scheduled for March 23, 2021 at 6:00pm. It is the LAST day public comments or questions can be addressed in the scoping process. A public scoping meeting is used to define the issues to be examined in an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).  Southern Land will present the issues they believe should be covered in the EIS. The TONH may answer procedural questions at this meeting but will not comment on whether a scope item will be included or not. It is the LAST day public comments or questions are allowed on the draft scope. About a week after the public scoping meeting the TONH will issue the Final Scope.

Please be prepared to comment on the applicant’s presentation. You are encouraged to include additional issues to be incorporated in the scope of the EIA.

You will be notified of all future public meetings when the meeting dates are announced.

Sign this petition, express your opinion on this project and attend the public meetings via live streaming at

There are two links in the center of the page.  You can live stream the meeting and listen or you can zoom and provide input 30 minutes prior to the meeting.  Please show up, sign up and speak up!   

Thank you!  Your support is appreciated.