Help Super Pan Bakery of Virgil Village Get More Time to Relocate

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Super Pan Bakery has served as a hallmark of the East Hollywood and Virgil Village community for over 20 years. In a community of immigrant families where the majority of family members work at or below minimum wage, items and prices like those of the bakery not only represent culture, but protect it, providing a sense of place for young and ‘old’ residents of the neighborhood alike.

Earlier this year, the landlord of the space where Super Pan is located sold the property to another owner, though not without falsely stating to the incoming owner that Doña Elvia and her family had only occupied the space for just two years prior. 

On August 16, 2018, the new ownership of the space abruptly gave Doña Elvia and her family a 60 day Notice to Terminate Tenancy. At the time of this writing, the family now has less than 19 days to leave their 20-year-old bakery, where Doña Elvia’s children and even grandchildren have grown up.

The 60 Days they were given to relocate are not enough to move out 20 years’ worth of memories, items, and other belongings of theirs, and we know we can at least get an extension for the Panaderia to move out until the end of this year in December.

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens and constituents who urge Mitch O’Farrell, the local councilman representative for East Hollywood, whose stated mission is to uphold the quality of life for our neighborhood, to act now to help Super Pan Bakery get until December to relocate.