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Tell Congress it's time to stop penalizing police officers (and public servants)

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Recently, several Republican Congressmen were victims of a shooting incident that occurred at a baseball practice field in Virginia.  After the chaotic scene was stabilized, several Representatives and Senators stood before the media cameras to thank the local Alexandria Police officers, Capitol Police and First Responders for their survival. 

If Congress (and Jeff Sessions) care so much about police officers (a.k.a. public employees) then why do they allow the law to continue to discriminate against and financially penalize them - when they retire- by withholding a large portion of their Social Security benefits just because they also receive a state pension?

In 1983, Congress passed the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and Government Pension Offset (GPO).   Congress believed that the non-Social Security benefit of public employees would be an adequate retirement for them if their earned Social Security benefit was cut (WEP).  Additionally, the GPO formula (that was passed to stop highly paid federal civil servants from double dipping into Social Security and other pensions)  financially hurts the surviving spouse's benefits - of lower paid public workers the most -under Social Security.

 Apparently, Social Security is such an asset that the following year (1984) Congress passed a law for themselves to pay into Social Security so that they could reap  - all of - their benefits from Social Security when they retire.  It should be considered Congressional Malpractice when they write laws to benefit themselves but not their public service constituents?

 Tell Congress that if they really care about the "Men-in-Blue", law enforcers, police officers (firemen and teachers) who put themselves in danger on behalf of citizens, to pass the Social Security Fairness Act in the House (H.R.1205) and its' identical bill in the Senate (S.915) that amends Title II of the Social Security Act by repealing the WEP/GPO Law.  


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