Tario Stamps.. "TRUE" 924c first time offender.

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Section 924 Reform: No Recidivist Penalties for Non-Recidivists

Meant to target repeat violent offenders, 18 U.S.C. § 924(c) requires, depending on
the type of gun involved and how it is used, the addition of an extra 5, 7, 10, 25, or
30 years of prison time1 for people who possess, brandish, or discharge a gun in the
course of a drug offense or a so-called “crime of violence.” This extra prison time is
in addition to whatever sentence the person receives for the underlying crime. For
example, a person who sells drugs in their living room and has a gun in the safe in
the bedroom would get an extra five years automatically for possessing that gun – in
addition to whatever punishment they receive for the drug offense. This recipe leads
to very long, expensive prison sentences – even when guns are not used or fired, or
are owned for other lawful purposes.
A glitch in section 924(c), though, can result in absurdly lengthy sentences for
people who are not true repeat offenders. Weldon Angelos,
2 a life-long target
shooting fan and a first-time offender was sentenced to federal prison for
possessing a gun in the course of a drug trafficking offense. On three occasions over
a short time period, Angelos sold about $1,000 worth of marijuana to an undercover
officer. The first time, he had a gun in an ankle holster, but did not take out, point, or
fire the gun. The second time, he had a gun in his car during the drug sale. The third
sale occurred in his home, where police found guns locked in a safe. These three
sales and gun possession events were charged in a single indictment, and because of
the way section 924(c) works, Angelos received a sentence of 55 years: 5 years for
the first gun charge, 25 years for the second gun charge, and 25 years for the third
gun charge – all to be served back-to-back-to-back.

Many first time offenders like Tario Stamps are serving life like sentences under 924c. Most of them were young and immature when they made the mistake of their lives. Tario has been labeled as a "violent offender" but has not physically hurt or killed anyone. He was given 96 years for bank robbery while "TRUE" violent offenders that physically hurt or take someone's life only serve a mere fraction of this time and are given second chances. It's been 11years now, why is he still there when 924c was meant to target repeat offenders?? He has missed out on countless milestones in life. Moments that no one can bring back.  He did not deserve this type of draconian punishment for bank robbery. 924c "TRUE" first time offenders should be given second chances just as other offenders are given second chances. Our families are suffering and still being destroyed from laws of injustice. Help me restore my family and yours too! Hear our voices and give these men and women a second chance. Reunite them with their loved ones. Please sign this petition urging our leaders in Congress to grant 924c "TRUE" first time offenders a second chance. Grant Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act (S.2123). Support this bill.

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