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As you know abortion is a big topic this year. Out of nowhere the government decided to take away abortion. Our society is raged with pro life vs. pro choice advocates. A subject that many find uncomfortable and personal, yet when rights are being taken away, it’s a topic we must discuss now. I remember a particular day as a little girl in the backseat of my mom’s car driving through town. My mother shouted, “Brenna, don’t look out the window!” Of course I looked anyways and saw a screaming baby with blood on it. I was scared, but I asked my mother why that man was holding up a sign like that and she explained. At the time I was a child who played with baby dolls everyday and thought it was an awful, evil thing for someone to kill a baby. Today, I’m 21 years old and I know more about the horrific, uneasy situations and crimes that take place around the world. It’s sad to know that a female somewhere who has just experienced my biggest fears in life is emotionally distraught with a pregnancy and there’s nothing I can do to heal her wounded heart. This topic is very emotional and painful, but it would be oblivion for me not to discuss this huge social issue today.
Looking at Structural Functionalism the functions of abortion for society from a pro-life outlook are females who become pregnant regardless their age are killing an innocent life that could have simply been carried a full term of nine months and given a chance to live by being adopted or in a foster home. People who don’t believe abortion is morally right are forced to pay tax dollars that support abortions. Parents or individuals looking to adopt will have more options. An increase in population will arise. Adoption centers and Foster Homes support pro life. However, there are so many dysfunctions to the issue for society because most people looking to abort are not a mature age, wealthy, living in safe environments, instead they are living in poverty needing government assistance where gangs, violence, drugs, and crime is an everyday occurrence.
Looking at the Conflict Theory, it ties into the social dysfunctions. A female child is forced to have a baby if she becomes pregnant and this can be as early as seven which is a documented age for females starting their periods. The average age for girls ovulating are eleven and twelve. A female can be raped and forced to have a baby. A female can be involved in an incest situation, molested, and forced to have a baby. A child may have to be raised by someone who never wanted them in the first place, therefore love is not properly given. Females with mental disorders and disabilities are forced to have a baby. A female who figures out her baby will have little to no chance of survival due to medical issues and disabilities will be forced to have a baby and to extend if the baby survives, but needs total care and assistance the mother is obligated to do so. A female who has no support from the father or family as well as her family is poor, drugs are frequent, and mental and physical abuse is frequent is forced to carry a child full term and possibly give birth to a baby that will be born addicted to drugs and face medical problems the rest of its life because she could not abort. A female who is mentally and physically unable to survive during childbirth or will have long term medical issues is forced to have a baby. Suicides will increase, babies in dumpsters and garbage bags will increase, murdered and abused children will increase, death during labor will increase, more children will be born with medical problems, people on welfare will increase, crimes will increase, foster homes will increase, and females will pay for underground abortions or try unsafe abortion actions that may lead to death. Planned Parenthood supports abortions, but with more and more states making abortion illegal they are terminating licenses to perform abortions and giving doctors 10 to 99 years in prison for attempting or performing an abortion. Abuse, molestation, rape, disabilities, and medical issues are something that happens in any race. However, poverty is nationwide. A higher rate for single women, children under eighteen, African Americans, and Hispanics. “The United States has one of the worst records among industrialized nations – losing on average between four and seven children every day to child abuse and neglect. As many as two-thirds of the people in treatment for drug abuse reported being abused or neglected as children. Children who experience child abuse & neglect are about 9 times more likely to become involved in criminal activity”, (Child Help). “In 2015, nearly half of all victims of child abuse and neglect were Caucasian, one-fifth were African-American, and one-fifth were Hispanic. Children in low socioeconomic families have more than three times the rate of child abuse and seven times the rate of neglect than other children. Children whose parents are unemployed have about two times the rate of child abuse and two to three times the rate of neglect than children with employed parents. Living with their married biological parents places kids at the lowest risk for child abuse and neglect while living with a single parent and a live-in partner increased the risk of abuse and neglect to more than eight times that of other children”, (Iannelli, 2018). A repetitive action of abuse, crime, drugs, and poverty that children are born into over and over. The United States will not find solutions to stop this constant lifestyle, instead adding to it by worrying about an individual's choice to terminate a pregnancy when it may be the right thing for her to do. A British Doctor tries to order a disabled woman to terminate her pregnancy because the woman does not have the mental capacity to take care of a child let alone herself (she is in her mother’s total care) and sees a baby as a baby doll more than an actual human. The doctor states, “I am acutely conscious of the fact that for the State to order a woman to have a termination where it appears that she doesn't want it is an immense intrusion. I have to operate in [her] best interests, not on society's views of termination”, (Mikelionis Fox News). This doctor is doing her job, yet if the abortion law comes in effect this woman who is mentally not trusted to have a baby will have one. In the New York Times a congresswoman, Pramila Jayapal, wrote a story on her abortion and feels like with such a personal story she shouldn’t have to tell people because she knows it was the right thing to do, but due to the new laws more woman are telling their sensitive stories to support pro choice. Many people commented such as Neighbor Catherine who wrote, “‘If we all talked to each other more openly and regularly about the pain and suffering of our private lives, we would contribute to a greater understanding, and a more empathetic and open society.’ Edward Allen, Spokane Valley said, ‘I am ashamed that it took the pregnancy of my wife to teach me this basic truth: pregnancy is dangerous labor, and decisions on pregnancy are best left to those doing the labor, and their doctors. I didn’t extend understanding to women I knew who made the decision to terminate their pregnancies because of very real risks of birth defects or to women I knew who decided that the labor involved in pregnancy wasn’t something they could do, for whatever reason. I acted from ignorance, arrogance, and sexism”, (Tarchak & Harris, 2019). BBC News also covered reactions to the new law passed in Alabama prohibiting abortions and rejecting the exemptions of rape and incest cases.“The National Organization for Women called the ban ‘unconstitutional’ and said it was ‘a transparent effort to drum up political support for anti-abortion candidates in upcoming elections.’ The few women who spoke on the floor were quick to highlight a key fact: this decision about women's bodies was being made almost entirely by men. The state Senate approved the law by 25 votes to six, rejecting exemptions for cases of rape or incest, with some noting all those voting for the bill were men. As one female lawmaker introduced a sure-to-fail amendment to the bill to make it illegal for men to get vasectomies, the gallery and overflow watch room upstairs burst into laughter. On the senate floor, when the amendment failed, the lawmaker made her point, saying: We have never policed men's bodies the way we do women's”, (Prasad BBC News). This is extremely sexist because men are making forced decisions for females and their bodies when they will never have to experience pregnancy. Activist for pro life claim woman should keep the baby even if they are raped or incest, but until you go through the traumatizing distraught of being molested or raped how could you tell another female to carry a baby from such a tragedy and fear that everyone hopes they never have to live through? With the upcoming elections, these bans are for support for anti-abortion candidates. Even Donald Trump who claimed he was pro choice while he was running for president has now claimed to be pro life. These men in power to makes choices don’t care about women and their body experiences, they care about votes, power, and greed.
Looking at the Symbolic Interactionist Theory for society as a whole this means women have less rights and say so in their bodies. This says men have more control with no experience to decide choices for us. For individual members, may be more adoptions will be accessible or may be more kids will fill foster homes. More people will have a chance at life which is great, however some may only end up falling into another stressful, dangerous poverty lifestyle. More abuse, more crime, more suicides, and more people on drugs. If more was being accomplished to help the repeating lifestyle of kids born in poverty and abusive homes then I could see a point to help everyone have a life, but I feel as if these pro life advocates only care about someone having a right to live instead of caring about that individual's life itself. As if they’re saying “Now that you are born, I don’t care what happens to you.” All the reasons I have stated above will affect everyday life. The people born may have a difficult life or they might get adopted and have a great life. Young girls might be forced to be mothers and some might see the end of their life at childbirth. To me this will just produce more hate from kids born into a life they wish they could escape.
The Conflict Theory is very detailed in my paper because there are more consequences than benefits. However, that is just the negatives and with open minds you have to see both sides. The Symbolic Functionalism is key to know how society will work together in justice, but the functions with this social issue demonstrate the carelessness to acknowledge a person’s self rights for their body and feelings on a personal subject only a woman will go through. To invade the privacy of our bodies is a true dysfunction for women and their equality. There’s manifest functions to illegal abortion that will be treated as latent functions by the government, but I promise you it will purposely be ignored.