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Create Well-Paying Manufacturing Jobs in America

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Please consider contributing to our effort—creating “well-paying manufacturing jobs in America”. In a nation that is considered a super power far too many Americans are left behind in the current service based economy.

For every $1.00 spent in manufacturing, another $1.81 is “added to the American economy”. That is the highest multiplier effect of any economic sector. In addition, for every “one worker” in manufacturing, there are another “four employees hired elsewhere”. (Source: NAM calculations using IMPLAN). These effects snowball in reverse with the loss of manufacturing jobs.

As many as 12.5 million “well-paying manufacturing jobs” were transferred from working American families to nations like China; now “all” Americans are experiencing some form of hardship (higher taxes, weakened customer base for small business, weak overall job market, etc.).

This was a quick and devastating change for families with manufacturing workers who were forced out of their well-paying manufacturing jobs into perpetual unemployment, under-employment, premature retirement and sometimes leading to welfare as a result.

Today even with a college degree our youth are finding it difficult to secure “and keep” a well-paying job.

But take heart in the fact that America is still a manufacturing super power. With an earnest effort on our part as Americans; we can call on the right people to correct this destructive and otherwise unending crack in our manufacturing foundation—and it can be corrected.

Here are some problems, goals, and solutions that will bring American labor and small business to its feet working in “Well-Paying Jobs” manufacturing and service based jobs alike.


  • Well-paying manufacturing jobs lost
  • Decrease in the pool of available skilled labor
  • Reduction in American supply chain
  • Underemployment/Unemployment
  • Educators canceling programs in manufacturing professions


  • Education (calling on leadership and educators)
  • Investment in Manufacturing
  • Responsible Entrepreneurship (calling on business to participate)
  • Create secure well-paying jobs in America


  • Education - Closing the skills gap in the American workforce partnering with schools, community colleges and trade schools to focus on educating these future skilled manufacturing professionals
    Investment in Manufacturing - Raising capital providing significant investment in the manufacturing sector
  • Results - Providing updates showcasing progress. We are very optimistic about the future of secure well-paying jobs in America and will continue to update on progress being made through the Initiative
  • Create secure well-paying jobs in America - Through education, investment, responsible entrepreneurship we will create secure well-paying jobs in America

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