Congress, fund at least two armed police resource officers for every school in America!!

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To secure our schools NOW, we the undersigned American people respectfully request that the petitioned and the US Congress create legislation to annually appropriate a total amount of funds through the Department of Justice to hire, equip and maintain at least two (2) armed police resource officers for each school in the United States whose main goal is to patrol outside perimeters, entryways and school common areas so potential shooters will not get access to children or school staff.

Any school that meet the requirements below may apply for these funds for school security personnel through their municipalities police Chief and will not be denied.

Said security personnel shall be investigated by the FBI and respective State police to make sure they themselves are in no way a threat to the school children or the public in general before they are hired. All costs for said personnel including salary, health insurance, retirement, raises in salary, equipment, uniforms, patrol vehicles, firearms, ammunition and ongoing training and all other incidentals shall be paid by the federal government via specific grants from the Department of Justice to the local police department.

These new school security personnel shall be under the direct control of the authority of the local police Chief, but will NOT be redirected to other Town or City policing duties while school is in session other than to start their shift in the appropriate amount of time prior of the start of the school day to make sure the buildings and the grounds are secure before children and staff arrive. In the event of school vacations, holidays and or closures the local police Chief shall reassign them to municipal tasks to fulfill their regular weekly job requirements that would also be covered by the total monies requested here or they may choose to not work outside of the school during these times and not be paid until their next regular shift when schools will be open.

The police Chief will decide policy on sick and personal leave and shall reassign another officer to cover the vacant position. The police Chief may also choose to fire school security personnel that he or she doesn’t feel is appropriate for the position at any time and hire another qualified applicant as soon as possible.

All funds for armed security officers shall be available to all existing public, religious, voc tech, charter and alternative schools teaching grades K-12 that host present and live students and teachers.

No school receiving security funds can request that an officer be unarmed or off school property. All armed security officers for each school paid for by the way of this petition shall confront ALL unapproved intruders on school grounds in the quickest time possible and will be expected to do so even though their own personal safety may be compromised.

It shall also be mandatory that all schools receiving said funds report ALL known threats or acts of violence against the school, school children, school personnel, their family or themselves by any individual child attending or adult working or volunteering in the school district of any age, gender, race or religion to their municipal police and/or the FBI and also to their own school committee or school board for review. 

It’s time to act to keep our school kids and school personnel safe from mentally deranged and evil people!  Thank you!