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Conduct a Thorough Investigation of the Clinton Foundation

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We the people demand a fair, thorough and transparent investigation of the ties between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department while Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State in the Obama administration. The allegations that are continually coming to light via documented state department emails are not only alluding to rampant corruption within the Democratic Party, but are also calling into question Hillary Clinton's fitness for the presidency.

Because the Obama administration has blocked the FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation not just once, but three times, the American people are not satisfied in this matter and have no choice but to petition both sides of the aisle to support a full, fair and transparent investigation. We believe that President Obama is guilty of obstruction of justice, and that Loretta Lynch is compromised due to her close ties with Bill and Hillary Clinton. Therefore, a Special Prosecutor should be appointed so that the investigation can move forward unimpeded by the corruption of Washington politics.

Until this matter is addressed, Hillary Clinton remains under a cloud of suspicion. If she is guilty of such behavior in the final analysis, then the public will be informed as they go to the voting booth. Americans are entitled to the truth and to transparency in government, regardless of the outcome. To whitewash such action is a subversion of the Democratic process, and it effectively condones corruption as part of the political process.

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