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Robert Mueller MUST NOT be fired !!

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Save the Constitution and the Rule of Law. President Trump must not be allowed to fire Robert Mueller. He has already undermined and/or obstructed the "Russia-Gate" investigation many times in many ways, most notably the firing of FBI Director James Comey. President Nixon was forced to resign under threat of Impeachment for much less than President Trump has done. ....namely,allowing Russia a free hand all over the world,weakening NATO,alienating our democratic allies, and cozying up to dictators like Putin who murder their political adversaries,including journalists. (President Trump's response,when asked about that : "There are lots of murderers. We're not so innocent." A sickening failure to condemn Evil--the heartless cold-blooded murder of people standing up for freedom and Democracy.) This is just the tip of the iceberg.

If President Trump fires Robert Mueller,there is only 1 plausible explanation : to shut down the investigation,the very definition of "Obstruction of Justice".Therefore,we the undersigned (i.e. We The People), in the name of Justice,in the name of Freedom,in order to protect our sacred bond, The Constitution, hereby DEMAND that you Senator McConnell and you Representative Ryan publicly announce that if President Trump orders the firing of Robert Mueller,you will IMMEDIATELY call for his Impeachment. If you don't,you will etch your names in history as Co-conspirators of this train wreck.

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