MIT shouldn't be a playground for cheaters

MIT shouldn't be a playground for cheaters

April 9, 2023
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Started by Miju Moms

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Do you recall this petition from May 2022 regarding the two Korean-American sisters, who published plagiarized research papers during their high school careers and gained admission to UPenn’s 7-year Bio-Dental program?

Well, this year, it turns out that another accomplice in the Choi sisters’ “fabricated and plagiarized research papers” cult has gained admission to yet another highly prestigious and competitive institution in the United States.

Let’s meet student A, a current senior at *** of South Korea and a new member of the MIT Class of 2027.

Well, hopefully one that never comes to be.

For reasons that we explain below in greater detail, we are enraged to learn that she has been admitted to MIT despite all her past wrongdoings, and we ask that MIT seriously re-consider its offer of admission to this student. 

If high school applicants are evaluated based on the amount of publicity that they have received during their high school careers, student A most likely ranks #1 among all Class of 2027 applicants. In Spring 2021, student A was implicated in a series of plagiarism (publishing fake research papers), copyright violations (publishing math workbooks by other authors as her own), seeking unauthorized assistance in virtual competitions, and overinflating her community service records.

All presumably to boost her chance of gaining acceptance to prestigious universities in the U.S. 

For more details, refer to this exposé (link removed) on the records of academic violations by student A. If you have made it this far, this document detailing the records of plagiarism by student A, alongside her maternal cousins, may also be of interest to you. As all scholarly articles should, we make our arguments and present the data and supporting information necessary to support our claims, all in our original prose. 

Please review both documents in detail and decide for yourselves if student A truly deserves a spot at MIT. 

One might ask, what if student A did not report in her MIT application any of the fabricated research articles and math workbooks, recognitions from Technovation Girls based on an app that she outsourced to a professional developer, or the scholarly article on the U.S. National Debt that she outsourced to a ghostwriter in Kenya? What if student A earned her MIT acceptance based entirely on her sole true merit? 

While we will never know what material was included in her application to MIT, the truth stands that student A attempted to embellish her resume in unethical ways. Her MIT acceptance is not a chance episode that can be examined independently of its societal background and context. Her acceptance signals a major red flag for justice and fairness in today’s college admissions system, which is already fraught with tension and inequality due to manipulations from the privileged class. If MIT does not recognize its oversight and voice concerns with regard to its wrongful acceptance of student A, it would effectively be validating that the wealthy and privileged members of society have done nothing wrong by cheating their way to the top of the college admissions game, which will only exacerbate the existing inequalities.

Faced with this dark reality, we feel obligated to take action and request that the MIT Admissions Office investigate  application once again and reconsider its decision to grant her a coveted seat in the . We do not want to see a Season 2 of the Operation Varsity Blues based on a true story. 

70 people signed today
Signatures: 49,085Next Goal: 50,000
70 people signed today