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Former Officer arrested for attending her own court date. #cariolhorne

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I had a court date for my arrest during the State of the City, where the Mayor was speaking.  I was protesting NO accountability for the death of an unarmed man during an arrest by Police Officers of the Buffalo, NY Police Department.  Citizens who saw the fatal beating by Police are afraid to come forward because they feel they would receive the same fate.  Who can blame them?

I went to Officer Doxbeck to check in after shutting my phone down, although I had the phone still in my hand. He told me that I could not have the phone on in the courtroom and that I'd have to go in the hall with it. I politely said that I had just shut it off. He asked for my name, I gave to him, put my phone in my purse and sat down. He then said that I'd have to go in the hall. I asked why. He replied, "because I said so". I said, "I have a court case in here". He said that he would let me know when my name was called. I just sat there trying to make sense out of what was going on. The hall was packed and there were plenty of seats in the courtroom. He then said to leave or be arrested. I asked why I would be arrested. He asked if I was going to leave and I said, No, I have a court case in here. He then called for his supervisor who came and immediately told me I had to leave. I explained that I had a court case and I didn't understand why I had to leave. He said, "Because the Officer told you to, now leave or be arrested". I said that makes no sense. He requested for me to stand up and put my hands behind my back. He then proceeded to put the cuffs on extra tight and escorted me to lockup. I was then charged with trespassing.  I could have easily left the courtroom, but my ankle was swollen and it was an unreasonable request. No one else was asked to leave.  

I am tired of unreasonable demands given by Officers and backed up by supervisors. As a former Police Officer, I was fired for stopping a Police Officer, from choking a handcuffed suspect. We constantly see Officers violating the rights of people with no adverse action taken against them.  #cariolslaw

     If we get rid of the bad apples from our Police Departments, then we can work on building the morale of the good Officers who don't want to sit by and do nothing when they see the abuse of power.   They are afraid that their livelihood would be taken away. I am not afraid to take a stand against the abuse of power by Police Officers, but I need your help in doing so. Officer Doxbeck and others like him need to be relieved of their duty, and we have the power to do so.  #riseup2017 #fromprotesttopower #cariolslaw


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