Misuse of Charitable Money

Misuse of Charitable Money

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Started by Fateh Singh

Sikhism combines action and belief. Unfortunately, Gurdwara’s today have been infected by politics fueled by hatred. Lack of transparency and unethical business practices of the committees have fostered an environment that contradicts the teachings of Guru Nanak.

Following are the issues that infiltrate the gurdwara’s in the USA and need immediate attention before further damage is done: –

1.    POWER STRUGGLE at a sanctified place like a gurdwara and violation of set bylaws.

2.    Gurdwaras have become places of brawls, hatred, arguments, and intimidation.

3.    Tolerance to corruption and turning a deaf ear to any complaints and raised concerns. Intimating, defaming, and harassing whistleblowers. Open threats to Sangat members who make complaints.

4.    Creating paid volunteer opportunities for self, friends, and family to embezzle charity funds.

5.    You are welcome as a donor but asking questions is a crime. Give and get out policy.

6.    Incompetent committee leaders.

7.    Guru Nanak condemned the man-made notion of inferiority and subjugation of women. In a country like the US, men in management shamelessly discriminate against women and use derogatory language for women who hold leadership positions.

8.    Management prohibits the Sangat from calling the cops and seeking litigation, but you are welcome to violate human rights.

9. Management members should pay a fee to be on the committee. “Chaudhars” should come with a cost. All members of the committee, trust, and general body should pay a fee according to the body type so that funds are available to run the Gurudwara sahib ethically which includes hiring a full-time accountant, attorney for legal advice, paying the priests as per fair market pay scale, hiring exterminators and other services. The gurudwara should be run as per Dept of labor, Homeland security, and Dept of revenue guidelines.

10. All committee members should be screened for criminal backgrounds, immigration status, and bankruptcy before their names are put in the management.

Please help us get signatures so that the unethical practices that violate the doctrine of Sikhism can be eradicated. With Waheguru’s blessings and protection, this will happen in our lifetime.

172 have signed. Let’s get to 200!