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Over reach of Missouri Water Patrol

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Missouri water patrol has proven in the recent year that it has outreached legal guidelines in what it was intended for. There has never been an organization given so much power without limits. Now that is has the power of the highway patrol to have funding and access to cash of state while pushing to create revenue through fines, It also has protection of fish and game for unlawful search and exemptions to warrant to ruin not just boating for recreation but to literally change the economy in regions dependent on recreational boating. This is extremely prevalent in Lake of the Ozarks, Mark Twain lake, and other waterways and lakes in Missouri. Abilities to set up unlawful checkpoints on the water without markings and notifications to the public and or local residents is unlawful . No entity should be able to close several miles of waterway when it is accessible and unmarked from numerous channels diverging on one main channel. There should be no ability to unlawful stops. There should be a huge restriction and reduction to future funding to water patrol and it's operations. Water patrol also is breaking state laws which require residents to assess boats based on residence. Residence in most locations states that property should be assessed by location majority of the year or where that property resides on Jan 1. The water patrol is actively pursuing fines based on the law they claim allows them to fine even a legal boat that is parked in a slip for 60 days. This is also unlawful and contracts both state and local statutes. They must be stopped and defunded. No institute should have to power to close 10 nautical miles of lake for an event Without reason or cause 

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