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Petitioning MO House of Representatives Jason Smith and 2 others

Missouri State Legislature: Do not pass House Joint Resolution 11

This resolution would bring about a return to the lax regulation and inhumane, deplorable conditions of puppy and cat breeding facilities in Missouri.

Letter to
MO House of Representatives Jason Smith
MO House of Representatives Bill Reiboldt
Missouri Senate District 28 Mike Parson
The signers of this petition respectfully request that you cast your vote against House Joint Resolution 11. We are in agreement with the feelings expressed by Mr. Broughton in his comments posted in the STL Post-Dispatch on 3/27/13:

"Democracy be damned! In Missouri, the 'will of the people,' even though substantiated by their vote, can be nullified by special interest groups.

The latest example of this 'anti-democracy' is the current effort by a special interest group, and the Missouri legislators pandering to it, to abolish Missouri's Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act.

The act, known as Proposition B, was on the November 2010 ballot. It represented a grass-roots, signature-gathering effort by concerned pet owners and animal rights groups. It passed with slightly more than 51 percent of the votes cast.

Prior to the passage of Prop B, Missouri lacked responsible regulation of its puppy mill industry. But some puppy mill operators don't like the humane standards required by Prop B. They favor the lax regulation and inhumane, deplorable conditions of yesteryear. So they've wooed irresponsible Missouri legislators to do their bidding via legislation that, if passed, will override Proposition B.

One can only speculate as to why democratically elected officials want to subvert the democratic process, and in the process, show Americans that Missouri government prefers to host inhumane puppy mills.

Missourians favoring democracy and humane dog breeding should contact state legislators and denounce the subversion of Prop B."

Michael K. Broughton, Green Park

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