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Tell Missouri legislators "No Thanks" to school vouchers. Please help protect our schools.

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Missourians need to stand up for our public schools.  The politicians in Jefferson City have already started to talk about school vouchers or voucher like programs.  A voucher system will weaken our public education system and endanger our children's future.

 People talk about the American dream; those rags to riches stories.  We love to hear the stories of Americans who have become wildly successful through their hard work and ingenuity.  Many of these people were allowed a more level playing field because of the public education system.  Public education is the greatest equalizer for our children.  You can come from a wealthy home or an impoverished home, both have access to the same education.  Every child is important.  

Public schools are the bedrocks of our communities. They are run by school boards that are filled with the citizens of that district.  Their finances are public for the community to see.  These schools are staffed by members of the community who care deeply about every child's education.  There is no lottery system, or application process.  If you live within the district you are welcomed there.

Private schools also provide an education to children. The teachers there also care deeply about their students.   But private schools owe no transparency to the community in which they exist.  Private schools pick students based on their applications and their ability to afford the tution.  There is no equal access to education for all children in that system.  Not every child is given and equal chance.

Now Missouri legislators want to take public tax dollars and siphon that money into private schools.  No voucher will fully pay for a students tution at a private school.  And even if it did, there is no guarantee that the private school will even accept that child.  How will these vouchers help children in lower socioeconomic areas?  The honest answer is that they won't.

School vouchers will, however, help out those well off enough to afford these schools.  Why should the Missouri tax pay subsidize these families?  Why should they receive a tax break while the hard working families throughout Missouri struggle to put food on the table?  We have an amazing public educational system that is set up to help all children succeed.  We must not chip away at its foundation because that is our children's foundation as well.

Please take a stand against school vouchers and stand with your public school.  The America dream and our children depend on us.  Tell Missouri legislators "No Thanks" to  school vouchers!  We ask that you sign the petition and pass it on. The more signatures that we can collect the louder our voice will be heard in Jefferson City.  In addition to signing this petition we ask that contact your state representatives and let them know that school vouchers aren't the way to go.

For more information on school vouchers please visit here.

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