Blue and Grey park ,making the "Reserved" organized camping area a open all year round, attended horse camping site with amenities. Amenities such as gravel parking sites with electricity, water, horse pens,permanent toilets and shower house.

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It would seem that Jackson County Parks & Recreation are behind the times when it comes to horseback riding/camping facilities.  Jackson County has one of the largest horse populations in Missouri.  Horseback riding is a great recreation for families and there are simply more people purchasing horses and horse trailers, camping, and trail riding. 

Is Jackson County Parks and Recreation aware of the trail riding/camping traffic this park is receiving?  Visit the park on weekends, the primitive camping area where trail riders can camp is busy.  The area does not contain any water, electricity and it does not have a “permanent bathroom” only porta potties, which are usually delivered in May and taken away in November.  This park is used throughout the year; so why remove the porta potties and why does it not have a permanent bathroom installed?

The designated horse camp on the south side of Blue & Gray has to be reserved.  How many times a year does this area get reserved?  If this area contained water, electricity, graveled camping sites, horse pens , permanent bathroom and shower house, was left “open” all year, Jackson County could charge a fee each night per trailer/campsite.  This area could contain at least 15 to 20 sites.  Most parks that provide this type of service charge $20 to $30 per site.  Water and electricity are across the road.  Would it be that expensive to create an improved camping facility in this location? 

There are many folks that use the park weekly and they have voiced concerns about the camping facilities and how the trails are maintained.  All trails are maintained by the horseback riders, i.e. removing obstacles from the trails, picking up trash, trying to maintain a safe environment for the riders. 

Please sign the petition asking that Jackson County Parks and Recreation make these improvements to Blue & Gray Park. 

 Check out this link to see it can be done!

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