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Petitioning Missouri Public Service Commission Terry Jarret and 3 others

Missouri Public Service Commision: Require utilities to comply with Missouri's renewable energy standard


Utilties are feigning compliance with the RES by using credits from out-of-state, renewable energy generated before the law existed, and century-old, large hydro. They are not building the renewable energy that Missourians asked for with 66% of the vote in 2008. Sign our petition to make investor-owned utilties comply with that state law.

Letter to
Missouri Public Service Commission Terry Jarret
Missouri Public Service Commission Stephen M. Stoll
Missouri Public Service Commission William P. Kenney
and 1 other
Missouri Public Service Commission Robert Kenney
I support full implementation of Missouri’s Renewable Energy Standard, including requiring Ameren, KCPL, and Empire to actually supply at least 2% of the energy they sell to their Missouri customers from renewable energy starting in 2011, 5% by 2014, 10% by 2018 and 15% 2021.

I oppose any attempt by utilities to claim compliance with the law without actually supplying at least the requisite amount of renewable energy to their Missouri customers. This includes but is not limited to these key points:

- Disallowing electricity from hydropower facilities greater than 10 megawatts in size
- Disallowing electricity generated prior to 2011
- Disallowing electricity that is not sold and delivered to Missouri customers.

I support the RES compliance complaints #EC-2013-0378 (Empire Electric) and #EC-2013-0377 (Ameren Missouri). The Public Service Commission passed a good rule respecting the will of Missouri voters. Please follow through on the process and uphold the law.

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