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Our Historical monuments our to remind us not only of the good things in our history but also the not so pleasant.  Even though some people are offended by some of our historical monuments doesn't give anyone the right to remove them. People will be offended every day over something we can not allow that to change anything. We need to stand up and preserve our monuments. I know most politicians don't want to get involved but it's come to the point where there is no other options it had just begun with the Civil War Monument in Forest Park, in St. Louis Missouri. That is one there is more to come and we have to make a stand an effort to stop this madness. No matter how many monuments are removed we can not change our history and if no one had noticed our history is already starting to repeat itself. Instead of Caucasians segregating African Americans it is African Americans segregating themselves, wanting history erased or forgotten and college campuses to have a graduation just for them or dormitories just for them. So many Americans fought for equality and to rid segregation and in 2017 it's making a come back? This is a fashion trend people like bell bottoms or jumpers, this is pitting races against each other and that is not what this country is about, so please help stop this. Thank you and whatever beliefs you have may they bless you, mine is God Bless You and God bless America. 

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