Stop Missouri Conservation from making their own laws.

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Please email me at with your name, address, phone number and tell me if your a registered Missouri voter.  In addition to signing this petition.  We are making progress but I need your help still to get this made law in the State of Missouri.

Missouri Department of Conservation is constantly putting out new rules and regulations which are the law of the land.  Without going thru the legislature and govenor.  

This means if they decide they want to change something they just change it.  We the people dont get a say in it.  The people are appointed to the MDC board not elected.

Just like no hog hunting on state grounds now they are making it where AR15 pistols will be illegal in most cases for alternative deer season. 

How would you like it if the Missouri state highway patrol made up their own laws and changed them as they wanted with out going thru house, Senate and the governor.  That's exactly what MDC does.  

Let's stop this and make them go thru the legislative process so we the PEOPLE have a voice.