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Remove Former MOHP Trooper Anthony Piercy's POST Certification

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Anthony Piercy should have his Missouri Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) certification revoked so that he can no longer be a safety risk to the citizens of the State of Missouri and those whom choose to vacation here. 


20-year-old Brandon Ellingson and his family had a vacation home at Lake of the Ozarks. Anthony Piercy was a member as an employee of the Missouri Highway Patrol. Piercy was on duty patrolling the Lake of the Ozarks waterway when he took into custody 20-year-old Brandon Ellingson on May 31, 2014 for suspicion of boating under the influence. Brandon and several of his friends had been at Coconuts enjoying the afternoon. As they left with Brandon driving the boat, Piercy pulled them over after thinking their registration was not valid. He took Brandon into custody to be potentially arrested for alcohol and was transporting him to the water patrol station located in H. Toads cove. During that tragic ride, Piercy went at speeds way too high for one of the heaviest tourist weekends of the season topping over 43 mph. The waters were extremely rough when Piercy hit a very large wake causing Brandon to be bounced out of the boat into the water. He had put Brandon’s life jacket on AFTER he had handcuffed him pulling it over his bound arms using an incorrect life jacket. When Brandon fell into the water, the life jacket came off immediately. Piercy turned the boat and paced back and forth attempting to figure out what to do to save Brandon. After some passing-by water taxi’s passengers screamed desperately for Piercy to jump into the water, he finally did. He assumed his fanny pack flotation device was automatic and thought it would pull himself and Brandon to the surface which it did not as it needed to have the rip cord pulled. After four minutes of struggling in rough water and with no help from Piercy, Brandon succumbed to the lake and drowned. Since then, Piercy has plead guilty to a lesser crime of Negligent Operation of a Vessel, a misdemeanor, whereas his original charge was Involuntary Manslaughter, a felony.


In December of 2017, Colonel Sandra Karsten, Superintendent of the Missouri Highway Patrol, terminated Anthony Piercy’s Employment three years after the offending incident occurred. A Board convened to determine a recommended fate for Piercy determined and ruled he:

            'demonstrates a disregard for the laws of this state, tarnishes the Patrol's reputation, undermines the public's confidence in the Patrol and brings discredit upon the member'

That board recommended Piercy keep his job after making that determination, which makes literally no common sense to the people of the State. Anthony Piercy is currently suing the State of Missouri Highway Patrol in order to get his job back as well as back pay ignoring the fact the basis for which he was terminated, his negligence, and how it caused a death, created danger for others, and reflected poorly on said agency. As citizens of the State of Missouri, we fear for our safety after hearing of the decision-making abilities this former trooper has shown thinking in the future he could have our sons or daughters in his custody. He lied during the investigation process, a deed which cannot be overlooked when thinking of the safety of the people to which the Patrol is tasked with serving and protecting. He was formerly charged with forgery on the job. This man should not carry a POST certification. Anything allowing him to continue in that capacity only shows corruption and a complete disregard for the safety of the citizens of the State.

If Anthony Piercy’s POST certification is removed, we can rest easy knowing we do not have to worry about Piercy being in any law enforcement position where he may do harm to others who are not aware of his past issues, as his admitted guilt of negligence proves harm is possible with the death of Brandon Ellingson as an example.


The evidence brought forth since the drowning of Brandon Ellingson clearly shows that Anthony Piercy was negligent. Its also proven by his own admission in a court of law. It can easily be construed as corrupt if he is permitted to continue his employment as a peace officer in our State. Reading the document from Piercy’s discipline titled Finding of Facts, Conclusions of Law and Recommendations, one can quickly see there is a disparity in the Conclusion of Law and the Board’s Recommendation to the point that they could be called polar opposites. Someone needs to show responsibility for the public’s safety and accountability. That should be in the purview of the Director of the Missouri Department of Public Safety considering the title of the Department. Regardless of whether the Highway Patrol’s board’s findings are truly corrupt or not, the perception of such is apparent to many citizens of the State of Missouri due to this situation, due to the uneasiness the merger of Missouri Highway Patrol and Missouri Water Patrol because it’s few known public benefits, as well as the issues in Ferguson, MO that arose a few years back. Law enforcement in Missouri needs help restoring the faith of its public to whom they serve. Employing a man with such items on his record and disregard for his own training whom has admitted the behavior was due to neglect will be a detriment to any agency hiring him and law enforcement in the State, so it’s in the best interest of all to revoke his POST certification and seems only fair.

Governor Greitens, you promised to clean up our State from corruption during your campaign. Your first order of business was on that topic stating it was a priority for your first term in office. Here is a quote from your website. Please notice the part about being led by lawyers. Also remember that you had one officer in this horrible situation that told the truth who was punished and had to pay for his own attorneys, whereas Piercy was not as forthright and got free legal counsel.

            ‘POLICE OFFICERS & FIREFIGHTERS NEED OUR SUPPORT. I believe police officers and firefighters should be honored for the hard work they do. They deserve to be led not by lawyers, but by leaders. I pledge to be strong for those who are always on call for us. As Governor, I’ll make sure that they have the training, the equipment, and the support that they need to do their job.’

You were also quoted during his campaign as follows showing his disdain for corruption:

            ‘I’ve never been in politics before, but even in the brief time that I’ve been running for governor, I’ve been exposed to some of the worst people I’ve ever known. Liars, cowards, sociopaths,” Greitens wrote early in the campaign.’

Noting the above quotes from you which show us all your obvious wish to restore integrity to our fine State, we implore you, Governor Greitens, to be directly involved in persuading Missouri’s Peace Officers Training and Standards (POST) Commission to evoke necessary action to revoke former Missouri Highway Patrol Trooper Anthony Piercy’s POST certification permanently based on Revised Missouri Statute Chapter 590.080 Subsection 1 Items 2 and 3. Based on those same facts and laws, we plead to the Missouri POST Commission to revoke former Missouri Highway Patrol Trooper Anthony Piercy’s POST certification immediately. There should be no valid reason to employ a law enforcement officer who has been determined to have a complete disregard for the laws of our State by his own peers.


Please sign this petition demanding The Honorable Governor Greitens and the Missouri POST Commission to take heed to the above very serious plea and revoke former Missouri Highway Patrol Anthony Piercy’s POST Certification.

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