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Legalize Marijuana in Missouri

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Citizens of Missouri: 

I ask we decriminalize marijuana in Missouri . Treat it similar to alcohol and tobacco. Yet keep it criminalized for citizens under 21

In 1929 Harry Anslinger was put in charge of the Department of Prohibition in Washington, D.C. But alcohol prohibition failed. Up untill this point Anslinger believed and spoke about how cannabis was not a problem, it did nothing to harm people. He stated “ there is no more absurd fallacy” than the idea that it makes people violent. Anslinger then seeing that his department needed a new purpose decided to change his opinion. He latter said to the public what would happen when you smoked cannabis.

First, you will fall into “a delirious rage.” Then you will be gripped by “dreams... of an erotic character.” Then you will “lose the power of connected thought.” Last, you will reach the inevitable end-point: “Insanity.” He stated that weed turns man into a “wild beast.“ If cannabis bumped into Frankenstein’s monster on the stairs, the monster would drop dead of fright.

In 1933 Victor Licata murdered his family with an ax. Anslinger, who saw opportunity, used this story to frighten the US people by saying     “ This is what will happen to you if you smoke the demon weed.” Funny part is that Years later, somebody went over Victor Licata’s psychiatric files and found that there was no evidence that Licata used or was ever under the influence of marijuana. 

Now of course you have to have evidence for this. What evidence did he provide? Anslinger asked 30 scientist if cannabis was harmful to people. 29 of 30 of them said no. So of course he picks the one scientist and shows him off to the public. The US then banned cannabis and told other countries to do the same. Mexico believe however that cannabis was not bad. Anslinger was upset. The USA told Mexico to follow instructions. Mexico did not. The USA then cut off supply of legal painkillers to Mexico. People died in agony. Mexico then started its own drug war. 

Several people tried to convince Anslinger of the medical benifits of marijuana yet were told that they were “treading on dangerous ground.”

Former chief advisor on drugs to the British government, David Nutt, explained that if cannabis causes psychosis in a straightforward way, then it would show in a straightforward way. When cannabis use goes up, psychosis will go up. And when cannabis use goes down psychosis will go down.

Yet in Britain, cannabis use has increased by a factor of about 40 since the 1960s. Yet the  rates of psychosis have remained steady. So again I ask, why is cannabis illegal?

Studies show that on average 40,000 people die from alcohol ( a legal drug) every year. Cannabis has a death rate of 0. Tobacco ( another legal drug) has killed on average 480,000 a year in the US. So why do we spend around 421 million dollars each year  to drive people to drink. And spend around    8 Billion dollars to drive people to smoke tobacco? 

Speaking of money,  the US spends on average 7.7 Billion dollars to prohibit cannabis each year. Yet on average               2.4 million Americans will try cannabis for the 1st time illegally. Yet most of them won’t get arrested. Therefore it’s not plausible to ban cannabis. In fact a mature marijuana industry could generate up to $28 billion in tax revenues for federal, state, and local governments, including $7 billion in federal revenue: $5.5 billion from business taxes and $1.5 billion from income and payroll taxes. If cannabis was legal in all states 

The US arrests around 700,000 people each year on marijuana charges. In fact the US arrested more people on marijuana charges last year than murder, rape, or aggravated assault charges. 

Now to the point of my petition. 

Painkillers, such as OxyContin and Percocet, were involved in about 14,400 overdose deaths in 2016. Non-methadone synthetic opioids like fentanyl, meanwhile, were linked to more than 20,100 overdose deaths. Cannabis is still at a steady 0. while many people try to pin several deaths on marijuana there is no factual proof that cannabis caused their death. 

People have placed the image in their head that Cannabis is a drug equal to heroine and cocaine. Yet cannabis and cocaine both have huge overdose death rates while cannabis does not. Cannabis should be compared to the likeness of alcohol and tobacco. Cannabis should be made legal for adults 21 and older. It should be treated like tobacco. Yet it is not, And it’s because so many people believe it’s harmful. Yet their is several health benifits.

These such benifits Include :

•It can be used to treat Glaucoma.                   •It may help reverse the carcinogenic effects of tobacco and improve lung health.                   •It can help control epileptic seizures.                   •It also decreases the symptoms of a severe seizure disorder known as Dravet's Syndrome. •A chemical found in marijuana stops cancer from spreading.                                                 •It may decrease anxiety                                   •THC slows the progression of Alzheimer's disease.                                                             •The drug eases the pain of multiple sclerosis. •Other types of muscle spasms could be helped too.                                                            •It lessens side effects from treating hepatitis C and increases treatment effectiveness.          •Marijuana treats inflammatory bowel diseases.                                                                  •It relieves arthritis discomfort.

                             •It keeps you skinny and helps your metabolism.                                                           •It improves the symptoms of Lupus, an autoimmune disorder.                                           •While not really a health benefit, marijuana spurs creativity in the brain.                                •Marijuana might be able to help with Crohn's disease.                                                             •Pot soothes tremors for people with Parkinson's disease.                                         •Marijuana helps veterans suffering from PTSD.                                                                  •Marijuana protects the brain after a stroke.     •It might protect the brain from concussions and trauma.                                                       •It can help eliminate nightmares.                     •Weed reduces some of the awful pain and nausea from chemo, and stimulates appetite   •Marijuana can help people trying to cut back on drinking.                                                       

Now yes there are some downsides of smoking weed. But none prove to be fatal. In every drug there is a downside. Yet why do we not give it a chance? As children we learn that killing people is wrong. Helping people is good. So why do we criminalize a drug that does more helping than harming people? 

Timothy Garon, a Seattle musician with  Hepatitis C was on a waiting list for a life-saving liver transplant. The state of Washington recognizes Hep C as a qualifying condition for the medical use of cannabis. Garon’s physician, Dr. Brad Roter, granted permission for Garon to smoke pot to help his nausea and abdominal pain and to stimulate his appetite while he awaited. Garon had become dangerously thin and malnourished and the cannabis therapy helped bring him back from being close to death.

Yet,  Dr. Roter was unaware that hospital transplant programs have strict rules that forbid “substance abusers” from qualifying for organ transplants. Seattle’s University of Washington Medical Center told Garon that if he ceased his marijuana use and tested clean for 60 days, he could have his liver transplant. Another medical center specified six months of marijuana abstinence before they’d save his life with surgery.

Doctors had told Garon he had about two weeks to live. Garon died May 1, 2008. The worst part is that cannabis is one of the few therapies Garon could have taken for pain and nausea that is not hepatoxic (liver-killing) and  with a list of other nasty side effects.

A new research at the University of Michigan, shows cannabis use has no impact on the long-term survival rates of liver transplant recipients. After studying 1,489 liver transplant patients, 155 of whom were cannabis users, over a span of eight years, researchers concluded, “Patients who did and did not use marijuana had similar survival rates. Current substance abuse policies do not seem to systematically expose marijuana users to additional risk of mortality.”

so I ask of you citizens of Missouri. Please take some time out of your day to read this and become aware of the all the people suffering that could be helped yet won’t be due to the strict laws on marijuana. Imagine if it was you, your mother, your father. Your husband or wife. Would you want them to suffer and die and then live knowing they suffered? Would you want them to use subscribed painkillers with the chance of overdosing. Would you want to risk it with a new drug that is released that could potentially cause more harm then help in the long run? Or would you prefer a drug with many health benifits that have helped people in discomfort? Marijuana does not prove to heal every sickness. But it gives people a fighting chance. It also gives their love ones the satisfaction of knowing that the person they love dearly didn’t die in agony and pain. I love my family. There is nothing worse to me than knowing they suffer. So I think it’s worth fighting for. 







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