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Legalization of Medical and Recreational Use of Marijuana in the State of Missouri

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In order to create a more perfect state, I believe firmly that legalization of Marijuana will benefit our state. We'd bring in millions of tax revenue, from our citizens, to other state citizens, as we're in the middle of the U.S.

I will begin with five reasons on why this would benefit our state.


1. Ending the Failed Prohibition of Marijuana
Face it. It's going to grow even more. There's no sign of stopping in sight. If you can't stop it, (which failed) then join the cause.


2. Save Our Land and Preserving the Natural Beauty of Our State.
Each day there are thousands of trees cut from our forests in Missouri. With Hemp, it takes a few months to get a good size grown. It takes years and decades for trees to grow mature. Hemp also takes in less water than trees. Therefore, saving more water.


3. Many Medical Benefits
Wouldn't it be cool to brag about being one of the first states to take care of our citizens? Marijuana is proven to reduce seizures with less side-effects, reduced tobacco damage from the lungs, and helps with sleep, ADD, depression, and much more complicated and serious diseases. Making medical care more cheaper in the state, by causing less patients that could be healed or treated with marijuana.


4. Sales
There would be few hundred million to a billions of dollars spent by our state's population. Not including out-of-State citizen sales. Which boosts our general education funding and infrastructure spending.


5. A Majority of Happy Citizens                       A state's job is to provide safety, and protect the ways of life, and also the general happiness of our citizens. Which a majority wants this.

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