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 I am asking the Missouri State Governor to send some Independent Investigators and Prosecutors to Charleston, Missouri-Mississippi County to investigate the City Attorney, the Prosecutor Attorney, the Chief of Police and 96% of his staff, and most of the Judges in Missouri Mississippi County 33rd Circuit Court, for their continuing violating my household and my constitutional/civil rights by: abusing their authority via refusing to allow us equal protection and rights under the law.

My YouTube videos will explain some of the violations, and I have factual legal documents such as: police reports, and court transcripts to show how they falsified documents to arrest me on April 18, 2016, which got me unjustly and wrongfully convicted on, August 25, 2016; which I was placed on 2 years supervised probation. I have more factual and legal documents to show corruption, cover-ups, and conspiracy to silence my voice from exposing their corruption.

If the Missouri State Governor send those independent investigators and prosecutors to view some of the reports I filed, and the reports they refused to file, and refused to allow me to file; it will disclose decades of corruption and cover-ups by this unjust legal system...and it will make things more safer for my household and many other Black people households who are afraid to speak out and up, because they have witnessed first hand how my household and I been retaliated against by the authorities here.


please view my YouTube video channel titled: 

"Raymond Ivy YouTube channel"; and it will let you all see why they want to silence my household and I stand alone in this city of 5,947 people, dictated by families and friends for decades.



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