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Judge Harmon in Clay County Missouri gave guardianship of my daughter to my ex husband, Myron Bryant of Smith ville, Mo, who physically and emotionally abused the both of us. Myron Bryant's behavior was excused because he is an ex police officer, but also because the Guardian Ad Litem, David Sexton, was not required to follow any rules set by the State of Missouri. This includes informing me or her biological father of court proceedings and/or involving us in them. Guardianship was already given to a family member through two separate courts in Alabama before Myron Bryant maliciously filed. This was ignored reports that were taken documenting past and present physical abuse by Kansas City Police Department and Leon County Florida Children's Services. Myron Bryant's physical abuse is documented in court records in Jackson County Missouri where he was denied custody of his own biological son. David Sexton and the Clay County Courts have ignored this as well. 

Now that I am seeking to regain custody of my child, according to my attorney, David Sexton is refusing the recommendation because I work nights and she is doing well in school with him. All of which she did, and more, with her mother. Mr. Sexton did recommend that I see her once a month for a slice of pizza or a hamburger. 

I have spoken to Me. Sexton twice. One meeting for less than an hour with my attorney, and when he visited my home for literally 22 seconds.

The court system in Clay County Missouri has allowed Myron Bryant to totally alienate my child from her family and has caused her great mental distress. They have allowed him to break laws and then not required David Sexton to uphold them. When I attempted to appeal this decision, my motion was ignored. When I filed to have the guardianship terminated, my motion was thrown in a desk and ignored.

I'm currently writing a bill called KateLand's Law that will hopefully put an end to this type of behavior. In this bill, the role of the GAL will be clearly defined, he/she will be sanctioned by the bar association if they do not, biological parents will be involved in the entire process with the goal of reunification, judges will be required to assign a case manager to help achieve those goals of reunification, guardianship will not be given to people who have been physically or emotionally abusive in any way, and biological family and/or recommendation s for guardianship by custodial parent will be considered first. These are just a few of key concerns that will be addressed.

Please help me reach out to the new governor of Missouri, Sly James Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri Bar Association and any news outlet to expose what's going on in Clay County Missouri.


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