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Investigate Prosecuting Attorney, Robert Rice

Where is the justice? And this is my opinion.
A friend of mine son, Harry, was prosecuted in Nodaway County last year for having sex with a minor. Okay yes, that is wrong. But please read the rest of the story..... This underage girl lied to Harry and said she was 19. Harry is also 19. This girl was the one to initiate contact with Harry via facebook. She was the one who called Harry and asked him to pick her up at her parents house. She was the one to initiate the sexual encounter. When Harry decided he wasn't interested in this girl, she came up with the story that she was pregnant and when that didn't work...she went to school and told a teacher that she was raped. I know this to be a fact because she admitted to all of the above information on the witness stand. Harry never denied having consentual sex with the girl and the girl actually dropped the charges. Prosecuting Attorney Robert Rice decided to try for a conviction anyway. Harry was told that it didn't matter what the girl said on the witness stand. All that mattered was that Harry was over 18 and she wasn't. Mr. Rice told Harry that if the case went to trial that he would convict Harry for life. Harry is now a sex offender for his entire life and has to wear a bracelet around his ankle until he is 65.
Yes it was wrong for Harry to have sex with a minor.....but how is it that Robert Rice dropped the charges for another similar Nodway County case?
I read in the March 14, 2012 edition of the St. Joseph News-Press that Prosecuting Attorney Robert Rice dropped the charges on two Maryville, MO boys that had sex with a 14 year old girl at a party in where the girl was intoxicated and had passed out. Now I may have some of the facts wrong, but you get the jest of it. Supposedly the boys had sex with the girl while she was passed out. One of the boys even videotaped the act. And then they left the girl in her front yard, passed out, overnight. She was not found for several hours. The rape kit has supposedly not come back yet, but the charges against the two boys have been dropped due to insufficient evidence. Those boys knowingly had sex with her when she was under the influence of alcohol, and who knows what else, then dumped her body for someone else to find her. Luckily that girl didn't die. I also heard that one of the boys has an influential family member.
How many teenage kids do you know that a freshman girl is dating a senior boy? What about a high school girl dating a college student? How many girls lie a little about their age to get an older boy interested in them? Wouldn't the boys in the second story be considered to have done more harm that Harry did? I'm not saying either story is right, but shouldn't they receive about the same punishments? If Nodaway County wants to crack down on crime, then do it for everyone, rich or poor. In my opinion, Robert Rice needs to be investigated for gross misconduct of his appointed office.
What happened to Harry has happened to many others. How many of you men have had consentual sex with a girl under the age of 18? Do you know that you should be considered a sex offender.

Shouldn't the law be revisited and possibly be revised? Please contact your govenor or representative to get this changed.  Also contact your govenor or representative to have Robert Rice investigated.  These two cases, and probably many more,  need to be investigated by someone other than Robert Rice to make sure justice has been served correctly!

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