Petitioning VP for Budget and Planning, Mississippi State University Don Zant (VP for Budget and Planning, Mississippi State University) and 23 others

Put in a crosswalk at the Hardy/Blackjack intersection by Helix Apartments

Students should feel safe when they decide to commute to class by bicycle or on foot. That is not the case for the MSU students who live along Blackjack Road. With the recent growth the Blackjack Road area has seen, infrastructure improvements for pedestrian safety and bicyclist safety have long been ignored.

Many students that decide to walk or bike to school take a risk when crossing Blackjack Road onto Hardy Road to enter campus. There is no signalized crossing or a painted crosswalk to give these students a safe way of passage to and from MSU campus.

From a societal point of view, we certainly do not want to see anyone be discouraged from walking or bicycling to school simply because they do not feel safe. Improving the safety in this area for pedestrians and bicyclists would not only encourage more people to adopt these healthy habits into their daily lives but this would also help alleviate the traffic congestion along Blackjack Road.

By supporting this petition you agree on the need for safety improvements for pedestrians and bicyclists who cross the Hardy/Blackjack intersection to and from campus. Please support this movement! We hope to see more improvements - which encourage healthy lifestyles - such as this to the Starkville-MSU-Oktibbeha area. 

This petition will be delivered to:
  • VP for Budget and Planning, Mississippi State University
    Don Zant (VP for Budget and Planning, Mississippi State University)
  • Mississippi State University
  • Oktibbeha County
  • City Of Starkville
  • Director, Parking, Transit & Sustainability
    Jeremiah Dumas
  • Associate Director, Parking & Transit Services
    Ronnie White
  • Marketing & Communication Coordinator, Parking and Transit
    Hannah Howell
  • State Representative
    Rob Roberson
  • Supervisor, Dist. 4, Oktibbeha County
    Bricklee Miller
  • Supervisor, Dist. 2, Oktibbeha County
    Orlando Trainer
  • Supervisor, Dist. 1, Oktibbeha County
    John Montgomery Jr.
  • President, Mississippi State University
    Mark Keenum
  • Provost and Exec. VP, Mississippi State University
    Judy Bonner
  • VP for Campus Services, Mississippi State University
    Amy Tuck
  • Mayor, City of Starkville
    Parker Wiseman
  • Alderman, Ward 1, City of Starkville
    Ben Carver
  • Alderman, Ward 4, City of Starkville
    Jason Walker
  • Alderman, Ward 5, City of Starkville
    Scott Maynard
  • Alderman, Ward 3, City of Starkville
    David Little
  • Community & Governmental Relations, MSU Student Assicaition
    Kathleen Kiernan
  • Community & Governmental Relations, MSU Student Assicaition
    Betty Thomas
  • President, MSU Student Association
    Roxanne Raven
  • Vice President, MSU Student Association
    Hunt Walne
  • Directory of Policy, MSU Student Association
    Eddie White

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