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There has been a miscarriage of justice in Port Gibson, MS. We know because there are patterns of miscarriage of justice in this city. First, the town’s  population is 1266. This case has been all over the news worldwide, a high profile trial. The citizens were tainted because the “victim” has been  spreading the word through town, going viral online for the past 3 years telling her story. BET, People’s magazine, CNN and other major world news outlets picked up the story. They refused to change T’Kia’s  venue as they have refused so many others. They denied her a lie detector test that she begged for. The town is starting to talk and we realize the D.A. should’ve never been on this case due to a conflict of interest.

Here are the words from her brother:

My name is Christopher Smith. I am writing on behalf of my sister, T’kia Bevily. She was wrongfully convicted of Capital Murder in Port Gibson, on Jan 29, 2021 in the death of her 14-month old step daughter Jurayah Smith. After the autopsy, there were differing medical reports. Dr. Mark Levaughn performed the initial autopsy. He is the Medical Examiner for the state of MS. He stated that Jurayah suffered a linear parietal skull fracture, along with asphyxiation with an undetermined etiology. He did NOT prove OR provide a time frame in which these injuries occurred. His autopsy report saw absolutely NO swelling in the brain! Unfortunately, Dr. Levaughn was placed on leave by the Attorney General and was unable to testify in court.

A second medical expert (Dr. George R. Nichols) who was hired by the state, did an analysis of the original autopsy report. Nichols is a Kentucky Pathologist who found that the skull fracture and associated bleeding were ALL healing. He also stated that Jurayah had 5 scalp contusions that did not injure her brain. He concluded that somehow the 5 scalp contusions, to which he could NOT age, SOMEHOW caused her brain to swell and kill her. Ultimately, Nichols concluded the injuries could be as old as 8 days.

Finally, a Minnesota Pediatrician by the name of Dr. Peter Dehnel, found that since the scalp contusions were not significant enough to cause death, Jurayah died from Sudden Unexplained Death in Children (SUDC). He too determined the skull fracture and associated bleeding were healing.
Jurayah had no other skull fracture, rib fracture, long bone fractures, retinal hemorrhridges, subdural hematoma, no swelling of the brain or any other injuries associated with child abuse.
Jurayah was in the care of Morris and T’Kia Bevily for only a few hours before her death.

Not one of the three medical experts placed a timeline on when NOR where baby Jurayah sustained her injuries! Dr. Nichols testified under OATH that it was possible that baby Jurayah had experienced “Lucid Interval” (the time period between the injury and symptoms).

FEBRUARY 4, 2021 T’Kia was sentenced to LIFE without parole


All I’m asking for and these other 9,000 signatures we want a FAIR retrial for T’Kia

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