Keep Willy's Wagon in our Town

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Almonte is a town that we base on heritage, which truly shows in our community from our great history and architecture. However, the heritage to me and others mean much more than that. My name is Kennedy Snaith and I am an Almonte Citizen who, like many others, grew up in this wonderful town. Recently there has been a heartbreaking development where a local chip truck, “Willy’s Wagon” was unable to reopen for the summer. I, like many others at Almonte And District High School, are deeply saddened that he won’t be returning.

Last year the chip truck was bought by a man named Don Kenny, who is a kind-hearted man, and always loved to serve his customers with a smile. Why is he being forced to leave? While he does have the essential credentials, having passed the health code inspection, the fire department inspection, and gas inspection, as well as having proof of insurance, he has still been denied the permit to reopen for this summer. According to his Facebook page, Don is unable to open this year as he was denied access to a permit, reasons being he needs proof of ownership (which was no problem to him) but he needed documentation to be allowed on the land.

This itself baffles me on him needing permission being on the land. Most locals in this town grew up on Willy’s fries, myself included. And again, the town Mississippi Mills owns the land that Willy’s is situated on. Last year seemed such a success, which would make things seem like it should this year as well. After all, Don was able to get his permit in only 36 hours on his first-year opening. I am deeply saddened by what council has been deciding lately, and as a young citizen I would like to make a change as it is my future that is to be here. I have so many memories as a child enjoying the best fries in town, as well as easily waiting 20 min to get a great poutine during my school lunch.

Don will be selling the chip wagon as he has lost too much money on produce and does not have the funds or means to open at all now. I hope by raising awareness and the amazing community of Mississippi Mills can change that fact. Let’s take a stand against this, and sign to keep Willy’s back in town, or even donate to help.