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Petitioning Executive Director Don Hinton and 28 others

Eliminate the soccer rule regarding the number of high school players.


The Mississippi High School Activities Association has recently voted to revise their rule regarding the number of players on a high school team that may participate on an independent team. The new language of the rule has not been posted. The current rule states that no more than 5 players from a high school team may participate on the same independent team. The rule does not differentiate between DI, DII or DIII teams. All are considered independent teams.

Why is this information important to us? The answer can be found in the current rule, “The penalty for this violation is the loss of high school eligibility of all participants from the school that participated on the team.”

If you would like to review the current rule please click on the following link, the rule can be found on page 17 section P.

We are encouraging all parents to get involved in this and to encourage MHSAA to eliminate soccer from this rule or to modify it so that it does not have such a negative impact on YOUR children playing.

Letter to
Executive Director Don Hinton
MHSAA Associate Director Lonnie Tillman
MHSAA Associate Director Rickey Neaves
and 26 others
MHSAA Assistant Director for Athletics Diane Bruser
MHSAA Assistant Director for Athletics Robert Holloway
MHSAA Director of Development and Communications Todd Kelly
District I Secretary Larry Williams
District III Secretary James Nicholson
District V Secretary Tommy Parker
District VII Secretary Mike Goff
District II Secretary Truman Albritton
District IV Secretary Gale Gregory
District VI Secretary Jerry Huskey
MHSAA Executive Committee Kalvin Robinson
MHSAA Executive Committee Anthony Jenkins
MHSAA Executive Committee Paul Henry
President MHSAA Executive Committee Ronnie Hill
MHSAA Executive Committee Tracy Cook
MHSAA Executive Committee Mike Davis
MHSAA Executive Committee Jeff Gilder
MHSAA Executive Committee Junior Graham
MHSAA Executive Committee Charles Hardy
MHSAA Executive Committee Dr. Marietta James
MHSAA Executive Committee Ray Morgigno
MHSAA Executive Committee Dr. Beverly Culley
MHSAA Executive Committee Larry Dolan
MHSAA Executive Committee George Graves
MHSAA Executive Committee Bubba Hathorn
District VIII Carl Shepherd
We are encouraging MHSAA to eliminate soccer from the rule regarding the number of players on a high school team that may participate on an independent team.

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