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Mississippi FEMA allegations confirmed. The facts won't change.

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In addition to estate law violations dating back to a FEMA claim application in  1998 and ignoring the fact that there was more than one owner named on the property deed, FEMA in Mississippi has continued to discriminate against James McGee Jr. as being a long time resident and property owner for reasons on they will be able to explain. The core of the illegal actions center around the local community's involvement in controlling data that has been ultimately inserted into the state and federal computer systems. For example, Pearl River County crossed their jurisdictional authority by obtaining his fathers personal  information and overlayed this information on top of his name of record giving the appearance of residency in the State of Louisiana. This information was then forwarded by an agent with the local IRS  to the IRS in New Orleans, Louisiana. The information contained in the FEMA case file has inserts suggesting that actions occured at the damaged address that didn't. Agents names were inserted who were never involved and names removed for agents that were. Mississippi did not want to conduct an investigation as requested in 2008 and it may be clearer today as to why.  They will have to answer for what has happened. With much  evidence in my possession, there is much more that will confirm to what degree the discrimination has manifested. And even worse, who could possibly be involved. The information in these packages (above) contains information that the FEMA agents in Mississippi inserted into the federal system as fact. Some of it is true. Some information is falsified. Discrimination in this case is widespread and covers many different areas. Whatever reason they used in the days after the storm made landfall varies different with reasons they used in the end. It's all in the documents. While this case is extreme with this family, it can happen in any state with any family and in most cases, they get away with it. It's time to let Mississippi know they are not above the law. Hate and greed got them into this They should learn a valuable lesson to never let it happen again.

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