Justice for Elijah: Stopping Dr.Wallace with South MS Smiles from hurting another child!

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Stephanie Ulrich
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On March 2nd, I walked my beautiful three year old into South Mississippi Smiles dental clinic to find out why the enamel was coming off of his 4 front teeth! I agreed to let them put him under general anesthesia to to only that.
Dr.Wallace proceeded to crown FOURTEEN of this teeth without gaining consent from me at all, stating that he did this because my son is "autistic" 

When my son woke up in histarics from all of the pain, they simply told me to leave that it was normal, when I told them I was not okay leaving they got mad and wouldn't help me at all, the office manager just sat there watching me struggle as Elijah tried to bite me, claw his mouth out, and continued to scream in agony. When he started to throw up she simply slid the trash can over to me with her foot, never offering help at all. 

He eventually got very dehydrated causing his blood pressure to bottom out resulting in him becoming very lethargic. He was brought to the ER where they had to bolous fluids to bring his blood pressure up to normal ranges. 

We later saw a local dentist who was astounded they did this to him. He immediately gave him both antibiotics and pain medication. 

When Dr.Wallace found out about this, he got very mad and said, "Well I'm not worried about my medical license do whatever you want"

South Mississippi Smiles has admitted to violating HIPAA, but will not admit to anything else. Even though we now know that they do not employ pediatric dentist like they say they do and that Dr.Wallace is not local he lives in another state and is flown in to do these procedures on kids. 

We have been told that all we can do is file a civil suit, and make a complaint with the dental board!

We don't want money, we want a change, and we want Dr. Wallace and South Mississippi Smiles held accountable for this, we want the state to prosecute Dr.Wallace for Medical Battery!!

Please help us by signing this petition so that NO other mother or child ever has to go thru this!

My child screamed in agony for weeks, he still cries of pain, I feel more regret and guilt then anyone could ever imagine!

My child did not deserve this!
He can no longer eat hot or cold food, He will no longer bite down on food, he is terrified of the dentist, he is terrified of brushing his teeth!

They did traumitized my child and blamed it on his autism, and then just left him to suffer in pain and agony!

Please help us stop them today!!!

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