Stop Townhouse Development in Streetsville, Mississauga

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This petition is started by the people living around Barbertown Rd. and Eglinton Ave. There is 15+ acres of land that is zoned as part of the Greenlands Zoning (G1-6), and the current owners of the 3 houses on this property have proposed to build 75 townhouses on 11 acres. 

The neighbourhood has voiced their concerns, but no changes have been made. A description of the land is below: 

  • flooding and erosion hazards
  • train tracks along one side of the property
  • a wheat/rice mill about 150 m away from the property
  • next to the Credit River, which is protected by the Green Belt

This land was bought with the intention of selling it, the city council has taken the side of the developers and is ignoring their responsibility to ensure the safety of their people and their land. 

Our biggest concerns are the following. We will be voicing these concerns at the City Council Meeting on Wednesday Sept 11th. We have already voiced them in the first (and only) Townhall meeting, but they have been ignored. 

  • The safety of the current and potential future residents as the street is not made for high density housing traffic
  • Related to safety: how will emergency vehicles access the closed off area as we have seen in the past that school buses, delivery trucks, and garbage trucks struggle
  • The only intersection to enter and exit the current houses and the proposed townhouses can only fit 3 cars, after which there are stop signs on either side. So how will an additional 75 cars (a minimum value) exit and enter without creating a jam on an already packed main road (Eglinton Ave)
  • We believe there is strong evidence of conflict of interest between the applicants and the companies responsible for conducting the analyses. The traffic, sound, and environmental analysis were all given a green light, even though they have been declined in past applications.
  • Problems with Traffic Report: report based off one day of raw data collected at between 7am-10am. The rest of the data was extracted from 3 hours of raw data, which makes us question their integrity
  • Problems with the Sound Report: states that the sound from the mill is at acceptable level for a RM zoning (residential - townhouse zoning) even though single houses 250-350m away from the mill can hear the factory loud and clear 24 hrs/7 days a week. Additionally, we can hear the train that is about 40m to 200m away from our houses
  • Problem with Environmental Report: we question how there can be minimal damage to the areas protected by the Green Belt when there will be years of construction right next to it. Since these townhouses are being built on erosion prone land, their foundations will need to be deeper than other houses

We are concerned as to how this application has been approved, when similar applications by previous owners were denied due to environmental and traffic related reasons. We question the integrity of the companies that have conducted the evaluations and suspect a conflict of interest. 

The current residents of the areas ask you all to sign this petition. The city has brushed our concerns under the carpet, and this is happening all over streetsville. How can they possibly serve the people and respect the land by accepting proposals to build townhouses in every vacant lot. These lots have been denied construction in the past, have flooding and erosion hazards disappeared in thin air? 

Thank you for taking the time to read our petition and we hope you support & sign our cause!