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Amend Mississauga’s Encroachment By-Law 0057-2004 to allow boulevard and curbside gardens

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This well-maintained, eco-friendly neighbourhood boulevard garden thrived for 15 years despite drought, salt, dogs, plows and road work.

But it may not survive the City of Mississauga’s Encroachment By-Law 0057-2004!

In September 2015 four homeowners on Mineola Gardens were served with a removal notice and ordered to replace their tasteful boulevard gardens with sod, following a telephone call from a neighbour.

Do you have a garden within the municipal road allowance? This could happen to you!

Urgency: Three of the served residents submitted a deputation letter to the Mississauga City Council and are presenting their arguments at the City Council meeting on November 4, 2015.

In Mississauga, boulevard and curbside gardens are considered violations to the Encroachment By-Law 0057-2004 and are subject to removal if someone complains to the city. Permits exist but are prohibitively costly.

This complaint was against four boulevard gardens, but the next complaint could be against an entire neighbourhood. This happened in Windsor, Ontario, where 130 gardens were reported by a disgruntled homeowner. (Reported in this October 2014 article.)

More than 50 cities in Canada allow residents to grow flowers on their neighbourhood boulevards. Mississauga is behind the times and there is no way to justify keeping the by-law "as-is". It's time to change this old by-law to reflect our present reality.

Designed correctly, boulevard gardens:

  • create beautiful, diverse, interesting streets
  • add character to the neighbourhood
  • engage passersby and foster community pride
  • increase biodiversity
  • provide bird, butterfly and pollinator habitats
  • are aesthetically pleasing
  • are ecologically thrifty
  • are educating to members of the community
  • are emotionally satisfying to the enthusiastic gardener

 Give residents a choice. Currently, only grass may be grown on boulevards. 

Encourage Mississauga residents who want to plant gardens, instead of grass, along their sidewalks and curbsides.

Please SIGN this petition to save our gardens.

SIGN this petition to remove the ban: change Mississauga Encroachment By-Law 0057-2004 to exempt boulevard and curbside gardens. 

Join us on November 4, 2015 at 9:00 am for the presentation to Mississauga’s City Council:  Mississauga City Hall, 300 City Centre Drive Mississauga,  Council Chambers, 2nd floor.

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