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Mission Creek Reservation Congressional BILL

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Mission Creek Band, Village of Indians, Reservation was congressionally removed from the federal registery. Our tribe seeks to have its name reinstated and printed on the federal registry. Our Ancestral land was recently returned to our tribe. Our Ancestral Cemetery was destroyed and family remains are scattered throughout the reservation. Our tribe has spent the last 17 years dealing with Senators, Lawyers, Congressional Representatives. Along with The Bureau of Indian affairs and Ryan Zinke Secretary of Interior. We ask these politicians to resubmit Mission Creek Reservation Land back into trust and print our tribes name back on the federal registry. This will secure the Reservation for future generations and will also keep poachers out of cemeteries, once we rebuild it, plus this will secure our future  family remains on our Tribal Land. 

 With everyone's help our tribe will send a message to Congress and the Representatives,  Senators, especially Ryan Zinke and the BIA, that the people you represent support Mission Creek Band Village of Indians and its Reservation to sponsor its Congressional BILL to re establish this tribe/land under its federal trust protection. After 17 years of dealing with attorneys, lawsuits, letters to the BIA, The BIA Pacific Region, and 100's of unanswered or returned calls from Politicians, our tribe has only one avenue left and that is you the general public. Please sign our petition and let our political leaders know that we have a voice and that you support Mission Creek Band Village of Indians, Reservation. 

If you would like a copy of our Congressional BILL. Please visit our webpage / contacts info and request a copy. Please include ypur email address or mailing address 

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