Shane's Law Preventative Measures to Save Lives in Illinois Waterways

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Missing Persons Awareness Network NFP 501(c)3 Mission: AWARENESS. KNOWLEDGE. PREVENTION. Focus: All missing children and adults across Illinois.

Shane Shomidie (29) of Springfield, Illinois went missing April 21st in the Sangamon River, Illinois after spending the day out there with his girlfriend and another couple. All four spent the day drinking and going downstream. Eventually, the other couple somehow fell in the water. A neighbor saw this and called 911. A Rescue team came and retrieved the couple. The couple to the Rescue team that there were 2 more in the water. The Rescue team went out and found Shane and his girlfriend. Shane got on the boat, while the girlfriend refused to go back and made Shane got off the Rescue boat and finish the trip with her. Hours later, Shane was reported missing after the girlfriend stated she left him in the water as she saw him swimming to the shore, and walked away from him. Tuesday, May 1, 2018 Shane rose above water and was recovered and brought home to his family and loved ones. To this day no one has been charged. No one had a vest, they were drinking. Four went in to the water. One was left alone.

We are asking for a Bill to be sponsored and passed. With the assistance of Shane's mom Della, Missing Persons Awareness Network NFP are drafting a bill asking for common sense Prevention to become a law.

DNR (Department of Natural Resources compiled statistics that state "77 boat related accidents in the Illinois waters in 2014 resulted in 54 injuries and 20 fatalities." .. During the last 5 years the annual average of 95 accidents, 67 injuries and 19 fatalities... 6 of the 20 fatalities last year involved alcohol or drug related impairment. 14 of those may have survived if they had worn a life jacket.

Currently Illinois requires life jackets or vests be available for each person aboard a boat or other watercraft including a jet ski. Illinois requires seat belts for vehicles.

Let's require all persons of any age on any waterway wear a life vest/jacket. We ask that all Search and Rescue teams (including police and boat patrol) to remove persons out of the water if they are not wearing a life vest/jacket. We also ask that no one be left alone when in the water. Responsibility for each other when in a waterway is common and should be common law. Had that person not left Shane in the water alone without a life vest/jacket knowing that he had also been drinking all day, Shane's life may have been spared, and home with his family and 2 children today.

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