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It is a concern that while the most recent report indicates that Jhessey’s dead body was disposed of in a Glendale, AZ trash can, authorities have not begun to search the landfill to retrieve her body. It is imperative to begin searching now in order that the evidence is found and the case is solved. The Glendale community is at risk with the probability that a murder exists amongst them. And moreover, the remains of Jhessey Shockley should be respected and retrieved for burial according to ethical principles in American society. While according to reports there has been some suspicion as to the involvement of the mother, this has not been determined and therefore, by law all citizens are considered innocent unless found guilty by the court. There have not been any convictions and thus the Shockley family deserves the respect of closure. This involves retrieving the body using the evidence to solve the case and allowing for a respectful burial. As a nurse and citizen I am responsible for patient’s rights that follow ethical principals. As law enforcement officials I am certain the same rules apply and that it is your ethical duty to bring justice and closure to this case. If it is true that you are letting valuable evidence deteriorate in a landfill you are not serving the people of your community. Please begin your search for this child. She has rights and it is our ethical duty to see that her rights are protected

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