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Transparency in Miss World Finals Judging

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Miss World - the pageant with very unpredicatable results. Why? Because of its very odd, obscure and ambigous judging methods. Nobody knows how the winners are chosen. However, people will agree that results are highly influenced by the pageant's CEO and annual chairman of the board of judges, Julia Morley. 

Year after year, Miss World's judging is filled with controversy. From fast-track events to the pageants finals itself, there are always questions of the results. Has Miss World done anything about such? No! They live (and possibly will die) from controversies. Will they do anything about it? Maybe, if people make themselves heard. 

The problem? The lack of transparenry. Many claim that results are always filled with politics and are altered to please sponsors. This is very possible as the organisation has never denied such claims.

The solution? A more transparent judging. Releasing the scores and how the ladies are judged. A politics filled result is unfair as these ladies work real hard but their hardwork is shattered with politics. Remove the CEO Julia Morley from the judges table. Let the judges do their work. Morley's presence in the table will always add doubts to the results.

What kind of charity organisation uses and abuses the hardwork of over 100 ladies year after year only to for the results to be influenced by politics and sponsorship deals? Is it even worth promoting and supporting such charity that lacks in basic ethical values? 

This may be the reason why Miss World, although the oldest pageant, is not and will never be known outside the small World of pageantry. Change is needed.

 Edit: Miss World can make the results more transparent by giving a clear criteria on how the ladies are judged for each step of the competition. When possible, a clear tabulation of all the judges scores should also be presented, if not live, on the television screens. The inclusion of national directors in the judges table should also be stopped as it promotes bias and unfair advantage.

This is for all the future delegates of Miss World, in order for them to experience a fair, and politics-less competition where everyone's hardwork is equally rated and is not based on politics and sponsorship deals.



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