No to LCS: Miss Universe Philippines to retain in BPCI

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Orcilla Armando
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BPCI: The true gateway for Filipinas to make a difference in the world

This is one thing that many pageant fans do not realize. BINIBINING PILIPINAS CHARITIES is a reputable organization and one way for BPCI to perform their community advocacy is through donations/honorariums received from private corporations/governments when the beauty queens are invited to do their jobs such as Public Speaking about an advocacy, judge a pageant, endorse ...a product, etc. If BPCI will lose the top plum, it will mean the demise of MANY communities that they support both in Metro Manila and the provinces. BPCI has been supporting the ccommunities since the 1960s and it's hard to think that the support will be divided. BPCI donates ALL OF ITS EARNINGS (Honorarium and payment of these private organizations/governments) to orphanages, daycare centers, calamaty centers (when it happens), hospitals such as PGH and AFP hospital and bringing of indigent children by hosting Disney on Ice.

I'm sure LCS will promote an advocacy of its own too. But let us not forget that the TRUE RELEVANCE of Binibining Pilipinas lies in more than just the quest for the True Filipina Beauty and not on thinking about who can be sent to Miss Universe/International from its roster of crowned queens.

BINIBINING PILIPINAS IS AN ADVOCACY IN ITSELF. Losing a crown may impede donations given to this advocacy but BPCI has been a legacy since the 1960s. Our support should be given not only to the glitz, fame and representatives but to the mother organization who also fights to helo these young Filipinas to be a torch-bearer of community advocacies that they and BPCI jointly supports.

As what BPCI have said in their official website, "Binibining Pilipinas is the TRUE GATEWAY to many meaningful opportunities to be able to make a difference in the world, with its enduring commitment to various humanitarian causes."