Disqualify Ms. USA, Ms. Colombia, and Ms. Australia from Ms. Universe Pageant

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The Miss Universe Pageant is happening on December 17th, 2019 and days before Miss USA (Sarah Rose Summers) had posted a video alongside Miss Colombia (Valeria Morales) and Miss Australia (Francesca Hung), stating that they felt bad for Miss Cambodia (Rern Sinat) since she does not know how to speak English, they also made similar comments about Miss Vietnam ( H'Hen Nie). The comment was extremely inappropriate and perpetuates xenophobia. We feel it would be unfair to allow Summers, Morales and Hung to compete, since one of the main aspects of the Miss Universe Pageant is meant to celebrate empowerment and diversity of different women, and these women clearly are belittling their fellow contestants based on a language barrier (which has happened more than once). What they have expressed in the video completely contradicts one of the competitions main purpose, and these women should be ashamed of themselves, since they not only are representing themselves, but their countries as well. These micro-aggressions of discrimination and ignorance should not go unnoticed and ignored. An apology video will not suffice.

Summers, Hung, and Morales, should be disqualified since they are unfit and ignorant contestants.

Personal story
No one should ever be ashamed for not being able to speak a language, especially English (and it is not the dominant language of the world). This does not make someone less intelligent and they do not require anybody's sympathy.