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Bring back traditional format to Miss Universe. NO CONTINENTAL SELECTION!

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For more than 65 years, the Miss Universe Pageant has gathered the most beautiful and deserving woman from around the world to compete for the crown, and worldwide fans have showed them extreme support and national pride for representing their cultures, identities and rich diversity. 

It has been get published in social media that this 66th Miss Universe competition, which will be taking place in Las Vegas on November 26th, has announced that the Top 16 semifinalists willl be chosen by a continental selection: 4 from America, 4 for Europe, 4 for Asia-Pacific and 4 coming from Africa. This kind of method do not represent the fair competition that the pageant has built during the past six decades. 

In this edition 92 stunning and intelligent woman are competing in the pageant and they deserve to fight for a spot in the Top 16 due to their overall performance in the preliminaries competitons: THE 16 TO BE ANNOUNCED ON SUNDAY´S NIGHT SHOULD BE THE ONES WITH THE BEST SCORES, no matter where do they come from. 

What is going to happen, for instance if 5 ladies from one continent are among those top contenders with the best scores, should one of them be replaced by another that did not receive the same score only because she is from one continent? Miss Universe has shown to woman how to compete friendly and fairly, the empowerement of these girls should come only from their effort and not for which region are they from. All 92 contestants should have the very same level of chance to have a spot in the semifinals, some continents send very few representatives and others a lot of girls from from there. This is not proportional representation, neither fair for the commitment girls have put into their preparation for the big finals. 

Furtheremore, this eliminates excitement to the show that millionn of fans have been getting used for years.


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