Make Miss Universe Pageant Great Again

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"For 65 years the Miss Universe Organization has been about successful, independent, driven and intelligent women."

The MUO's Miss Universe and Miss USA Pageants have been the most prestigious, and successful pageants on television. Every year millions from around the world tune in to the live telecast, and fans long await the crowning of the next Miss USA and Miss Universe every single year.

In 2015, talent agency IMG/WME became owners of the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageant. Since then the pageants have been a complete disappointment to pageant fans, viewers and contestants around the world. 

In 2016 a major change was made to the Miss Teen USA competition where contestants went from wearing swimsuits for the competition to active wear (tank top, tights and sneakers) to promote an "athletic lifestyle". This change was not needed and was not taken well by viewers, however IMG/WME followed through with it.

Each edition there are official photos which all contestants look forward to having taken and pageant fans look forward to viewing. A photo of the contestant in her evening gown (chosen by her) swimsuit (provided by a sponsor) a head shot and the most exciting part of all, a glamour shot. Every year there is a creative theme that photographer Fadil Berisha shoots each contestant in. (ex. 2014 - Miss USA held in Baton Rouge - Theme - Mardi Gras, 2015 - Miss Universe held in Las Vegas - Theme - Casino). In June of 2016 they got rid of Fadil Berisha and created boring shots of the contestants wearing white t-shirts. Then removed all official photos from Miss USA and recently removed it from Miss Universe as well. 

The last straw for everyone is a recent change the team has now planned to make to the swimsuit competition where contestants will be viewed in groups rather than one by one. Anyone who has ever watched one of these pageants knows that each contestant gets their moment on stage during the swimsuit competition (as well as evening gown competition) to show their physical fitness and confidence to the judges. Their bodies and healthy lifestyle is a positive aspect to the competition and is something they have worked extremely hard for.

For 65 years the Miss Universe Organization has been about successful, independent, driven and intelligent women. The excitement is gone, there is no glamour, this is NOT the Miss Universe and Miss USA we all know and have loved for years. We want Miss Universe and Miss USA to return to what it was before 2015. We want Fadil back, official photos and most importantly the swimsuit competition to remain how it was in 2015. These changes are not needed nor are they wanted. 

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