Please stop the construction of the Hawker's Market in Chowrasta & relocate it instead.

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Please stop the construction of the Hawker's Market in Chowrasta & relocate it instead.

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Dear Maam,

This is in regards to the construction of the Hawker’s Market, Chowrasta, as proposed by yourself. We, the citizens of Darjeeling oppose the construction of the Market in that particular area and request that the mentioned project be relocated elsewhere. 

Our petition is aimed at saving the serenity of the Mall Road, one of the very few remaining treasures of our hometown, Darjeeling. At the same time, we are also seriously concerned about the hawkers being able to earn their livelihood. Hence, it would be in the best interests of the Darjeeling people if the Hawker’s Market is relocated to another more suitable place. The main issue at hand is the destruction of the tranquilty of the area, which is inevitable if the Hawker’s Market is constructed. 

Tourists come to Darjeeling for the scenery & fresh air – not for shopping. Hardly 80 hawkers used to be earning a livelihood before the eviction. Now, it seems that the people claiming to set up shop in the proposed area have numbered to almost 300. Providing all of them with retail outlets will over-commercialize the Mall Road area, turning it into a concrete jungle.

As noticed in the recent years, the monkeys inhabiting the areas around the temple have been forced to move to urban areas of town & creating a nuisance for the common people – all this being a result of deforestation. The construction will further cause an imbalance in the area, mainly due to noise pollution and encroachment of natural habitat of the few animals & birds barely surviving for existance

We need to diversify the places of tourist interest. We should not centralise the flow of tourists to a particular segment of town. That would be a planning disaster. Bottomline: The Hawker’s Market site should be relocated elsewhere. There could be other places of strategic importance elsewhere. Why Chowrasta? It’s already overcrowded. In the peak-season time it is definitely going to be unimaginable even to reach there, leave alone shop.

While we should be planting trees for sustainable development, the last thing we should do is to be spoiling the natural beauty of the evironment. These senseless constructions HAVE TO STOP, not only in the Mall Road but in the whole of Darjeeling. The tourists have come here for years not to stare at other hotel walls from their balconies, but to look at mountains & places of scenic beauty.

A senior member of The Morning Health Club & Founder of D.E.C.A.P, Mr. Tshering Dorjee, one of our supporters in this cause, has taken a positive initiative by being genuinely concerned about the relocation of the hawkers without disturbing the peace & serenity of the proposed area. It has already been pointed out before, that the area between the points of Bhotay Basti, Toong Soong, East Side, right upto Alu Bari is a SINKING ZONE. If construction is allowed, a major disaster could take place in the form of landslides. Thus, we the citizens have taken it upon ourselves to seek redress and now there are more of us saying just one thing - SAVE CHOWRASTA! SAVE DARJEELING! 

These are just a few points we have raised and we humbly request you to intervene in this matter. Your quick resolution is much anticipated by us, Maam. 

From The Concerned citizens of Darjeeling. (We are a group of NGO activists, Students, Businessmen, NRI's, Lawyers, Doctors, Teachers, Retired Individuals & in general well-wishers of this little place we call home)

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